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Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents in the Philippines


Traffic, traffic, and more traffic. Isn’t it stressful enough to be stuck in traffic for hours, not knowing what time you’ll get to work, or worse, if you’ll even get to work on time. Yes, it’s frustrating at times, which is why some  drivers tend to get very decisive and creative on the road, so much so that it poses a definite risk to fellow drivers. You’re probably wondering what these risks are and how to best avoid them when driving. No worries, as we’ve listed 10 of them:

1. Driving while texting

Recent changes to Philippine law resulted to the apprehension of countless offenders in this category, proving two main things: a) We still hold the title for the top “text messengers” in the world and b) We are still as hard-headed as ever. This particular law and implementations have been announced on TV, with traffic enforcers using various CCTVs to check on possible law breakers.

2. Drunk driving

After a night of partying, one should decide to call it a night and commute home (you may even ask friends to help drop you off at home, if necessary). Doing so would ensure that you don’t cause harm to other drivers and pedestrians. On the other hand, if you’re the one witnessing a drunk driver on the road, keep your distance as the swerves and unexpected turns may catch you off guard.

3. Over speeding

If your job usually involves you driving a heavy vehicle such as a truck or bus, it would be best to avoid over speeding. It may cause you to lose your breaks and end up ramming the vehicle in front of you. Always drive within the reasonable limit, just to be safe.

4. Mechanical flaw

Sometimes, it really isn’t your fault, or at least not directly. If your ride isn’t maintained well, your breaks, your tires, and even your engine may give out, causing a very dangerous situation on the road. Have your vehicle regularly checked to maintain its good working condition.

5. Overtaking

If a particular driver were to commit this, he may trigger two things: a) a major accident and b) the ire of his fellow drivers. Everyone seems to be in a hurry nowadays, so much that traffic rules are regularly broken, with this as the common crime. Always remember, being safe is better than being fast.

6. Jaywalking

This is defined as “an act that occurs when a pedestrian walks in or crosses a roadway illegally.” If a jaywalker appears out of nowhere, the incoming vehicle would do its best to avoid hitting the bystander, thus, hitting other cars in the process. Being a responsible pedestrian is as good as being a responsible driver.

7. Turning without signaling

Always make sure to turn your signal lights on when making a turn. This would not only inform other drivers of your next move. It would also give them ample time to adjust their speed and direction, well enough to avoid any mishaps on the road.

8. Backing up inattentively

Be aware of your surroundings and always look at your mirrors as well. The common victims of this mistake are children and domestic animals, those of which would walk across the road or pathway once a car had already passed, not knowing that the said vehicle would back up.

9. Slippery roads

A particular occurrence during rainy season, slippery roads are hazardous to both bystanders and drivers alike. They usually cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle, especially on a very stormy evening when it’s dark and there is almost no traction between the road and the car tires. Maintaining a reasonable speed would help avoid accidents during this particular condition.

10. Reckless driving

It is neither Mother Nature nor mechanical flaw at fault here. It is merely human error, one that is done intentionally. A combination of two or three causes mentioned in this list alone would determine if a person is definitely a reckless driver. One should avoid being one and instead, respect traffic laws. Not only would you save yourself from risk, it would also save you from big expenses in the end. If you happen to encounter one on the road, keep your distance, be cool, and know that such person would be apprehended by the law, sooner or later.

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