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Queuing in the Time of COVID-19

The current pandemic really made things more tasking for everyone. There used to be a time when people could simply walk up to a queue and proceed to take turns in getting their paperwork or payments done. Nowadays, this is much more restrictive since there are additional steps done to ensure that no one lining up would be infected by the rampant virus. This may seem easy to execute in paper, but just imagine the amount of people who are urging to process their papers or payments after a couple of months of being stuck at home. For the most part, these paper works and transactions are a one-time thing, supposedly done by the end of the day or even after a few weeks. But the thing about the pandemic is that it halted quite a few of our most vital government offices, including benefits, licenses, permits, etc. So, due to the daunting nature of the virus, people were forced to leave off processing these deliverables, only for the requirements to expire during the quarantine period. This means that almost everyone has to start again from scratch, revisiting their checklist in order to acquire the requirements one by one.

With that in mind, you might be one of those who are planning to line up in the coming days to process your papers. Yes, precautionary measures are put in place, but let us not forget that you are going to come across countless people who are hoping to do the same thing, and not everyone has the same regard when it comes to social distancing. Even if just one person were to violate the quarantine rules, it may prove risky for the others that he or she may have come across with, and you wouldn’t want to be a part of that. Lessen your risk, take time to prepare, and be vigilant with these pro-tips when going outdoors to process your papers and requirements.

1. Always bring your own set of disinfecting items.

You may have heard of this a thousand times already, the various news outlets and the social media pages of our LGUs have, after all, been spreading this information like wild fire ever since the virus made its presence felt worldwide. Always bring a couple of disinfecting items wherever you go. What are these disinfecting items, you may ask? The most obvious choice would be a bottle of alcohol or alcogel (whichever you’d prefer). Of course, other alcohol solutions would do, but the most preferable ones would be a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. It may not look much, but this has been proven to disinfect against the virus most efficiently, among other things. During the first few months of the virus’ infamy, stocks may have even been low due to panic buyers, and that definitely says a lot. It’s a great thing that the stocks have since been refilled to the brim and everyone was able to buy their own set of 3 to 5 bottles (per store policy).

2. Always wear a mask. Never go outdoors without one.

There’s a reason why our current law has strictly enforced this rule, and it isn’t just about making a fashion statement. The thing about COVID-19 is that it is transmitted through person-to- person contact and through direct contact with respiratory droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. This only means that a mask would stop the virus-carrying droplets from spreading the infection in an alarming rate. The common misconception is that the mask is a one-way protection, that you wouldn’t get infected because the mask you put on would stop you from inhaling the possible droplets from another person. What people often overlook is that it would also prevent the infected person from spreading the virus, as it would limit the droplets within that very same person, may it be from a cough or a sneeze. You should also keep in mind that there is a proper way of wearing your mask. According to WHO (The World Health Organization), the white side should be the side that touches your mouth and nose, while the blue side of the mask should be the outer part. There is a scientific explanation about this, but we will not bore you with the complicated details.

3. Wear a face shield along with your face mask.

This form of protection adds an extra precautionary layer whenever you go outdoors. While you may think of it as an overkill, remember that a face mask would only cover your nose and mouth, it doesn’t cover your whole face like a face shield does. COVID-19 can enter your body even through your eyes, so keep that in mind.

4. Avoid getting in contact with other people.

While it may seem tempting to shake hands or embrace a “long-lost” friend among the queue of people, take our word for it, don’t!  Remember, the virus is transmitted through droplets, so even if your friend were not a positive carrier, he or she might have come across a person not wearing a mask, sneezing or coughing that droplet on to your friend’s hand or skin, thus, transmitting it unknowingly. Yes, it may take a huge amount of self-control to get over hugging a good friend or a family member, but remember, prevention is always better than cure, and you could save more lives by abstaining from hugs and handshakes (for now).

5. Strengthen your immune system.

You might already know this, but for the other readers who may have not caught wind of this information or are still hoping to violate quarantine protocols, this information is especially for them. As of this writing, there hasn’t been any cure or vaccine yet made to fight COVID-19. We wish to emphasize on the statement of “there hasn’t been any discovered cure yet.” Yes, we are all hopeful, yes, there have been ongoing trials for the vaccine, but there isn’t even any solid formula yet. The most viable armor you have right now is your immune system. Unlike video games which present a bright blue bar corresponding to your character’s armor, there are no real-life meters to indicate the strength of your immune system; instead, you have your habits to indicate that for you. Eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, take care of your body, etc. All of these are elementary tips which should have been practiced by all adults a long time ago, and indeed, now is the most critical time to do just that.

With all of that being said, you might be wondering if Cebuana Lhuillier has put in place the same amount of care and restrictions when it comes to protecting their customers against the virus? The simple answer? Yes, they have. With the frequent disinfections and queuing rules set in place, no other place is safer than any of their branches. They’ve also made it convenient for all their patrons to process their transactions without any hassle. Time well-spent outdoors is equivalent to money well-spent as well, and at this point, every centavo counts, and no other remittance center would value your time and safety more than Cebuana Lhuillier, with their most reliable Money Remittance service ever. Be sure to visit the nearest branch now for more information.