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Preparing for the Unknown: A Checklist of Things to Settle for the Unforeseeable Future

“What are you afraid of?” – More often than not, people would answer this with the phrase, “I’m afraid of the unknown.” Indeed, everyone fears the future, the unforeseeable tomorrow that lies beyond what one can see. There are people who would spend money on fortune tellers, asking them for guidance on how they may best face the upcoming days of their lives. While it may seem ridiculous, even humorous at times, you can’t really blame them for doing something as trivial. Sure, we can all get by with our daily routines, doing what we usually do on a daily basis, working on the things that we are all too familiar with, and you know what they say about that, familiarity brings comfort and complacency. That, however, is where the problem arises. You see, nothing in life is ever consistent. You may have experienced a bright, sunny day today, but tomorrow may bring a whole lot of rain showers. The same goes for your daily routines, as things do not always go according to plan. Just when you thought today would seem as peaceful and serene as yesterday, something happens that shakes you out of your complacency, thus, rendering you shocked and confused. This is what everyone’s afraid of, this is the unknown that we all dread and hate.

In such case, you may ask, “Is there any way to deal with this? Is there anything that we can do in order to survive the unexpected things in our lives?” Well, there is one thing that we can do, and that is to prepare. No one can ever predict what tomorrow may bring, but preparations would give us that well-needed cushion in order to strengthen us and lessen the impact of any form of incident or emergency that may come our way.

1. First of all, settle all your dues.

May it be a utility bill, a loan, a luxury subscription, a government tax, or even an unpaid debt from years ago, as soon as you have the cash, settle them all, leaving no pending balance behind. The thing about unpaid dues is that, they’ll never go away without any equivalent action from you, and that action only requires you to do one thing – to pay. If you were to leave any debt unsettled and an emergency situation happens, your dues may add up, thus, leaving you with little to no amount of savings. Be wise and settle everything as early as possible. Be responsible enough to initiate all of your payments without waiting for any sort of warning or penalty. Remember that prevention will always be better than cure, and no financial cure may be able to remedy a huge pile up of debt just because you failed to settle all your dues on time.

2. Gather all your paperwork.

We all have our very own personal documents at home. You probably have them neatly stacked within an air-tight suitcase above your cabinet or just below your bed. Nonetheless, they are an immediate requirement for almost any process that may involve the government, ranging from your birth certificate, your tax registrations, and even your diploma. Now, as motherly as it may sound, you need to gather all of these documents (if you haven’t still) and keep them all well-organized within a single suitcase or container. Double check that you’re not missing anything. Be sure that the container is strong enough to withstand any moisture so that none of your documents would get wet, in the case of flash floods and other calamities that may involve heavy rain. Simple as they may be, these documents represent a certain part of you, which will help the government validate information about you in the long run, and losing even one of them may leave a dent in your records, making the process a lot longer to finish. This is true, especially if you’re applying for a passport or a driver’s license. This problem is even more amplified when you’re going for a benefit or a loan. Policies are much stricter when you’re particularly asking for money, since the government or the lending company doesn’t want to suffer scams.

3. Get a comprehensive insurance.

Emergencies, calamities, accidents, you name it! People are afraid of these, not only because they cause major harm and destruction towards the welfare of people and their hard-earned properties, but also due to the fact that they cause a huge amount of expense, even after the whole ordeal is done. A flash flood may wash away half of your home, a car accident may break a couple of your bones, and a sudden jolt of lightning may cause a short circuit fire, all of these are occurrences which may cost you a huge amount of money, and you definitely want to avoid paying for everything. A comprehensive insurance may very well save you a lot of money, due to the fact that they have various forms of coverages that can pay for most of the charge caused by these unfortunate incidents. If you happen to be rich then good for you, you can obviously pay for any property damage or body injury that may come your way, but if you only happen to make ends meet every month, then an insurance would be your best friend and well-trusted companion in facing the unforeseeable future.

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