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OFW Tips: How to Save Money Effectively

For an OFW, nothing can be more fulfilling than to be able to send money to your loved ones back at home. Not only would you be able to provide for your family’s needs, you’d also allow them to avail their wants every once in a while. It’s a token of your love, and definitely an indication of your support for your family. However, such may only be accomplished by two things: hard work and budgeting. You wouldn’t have to worry about being hardworking, as that is already one of your biggest traits. You wouldn’t be an OFW if you were not hardworking in the first place. The tricky part comes from the budgeting side. Simply put, this is knowing how to wisely spend your hard-earned money, so that you would still have sufficient amount left to send back at home. Here are a few tips to accomplish that:

     1) List down your daily expenses.

What better way to budget than to get a general view of your daily expenses. List down each and every one of them, from your usual transportation/commute fare up to your lunch money. Segregate those which you can live with and can’t live without. In this case, you can’t live without food; however, you may eliminate that extra snack in the afternoon if you’re not hungry during those particular hours. No matter how little you may save, it would accumulate well enough into a good amount.

     2) Plan your groceries.

Make a solid shopping list and buy only what you need. Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. are definite must-haves, but if you’re not really much into other expensive grooming products (like hair gel and body spray) then by all means, take them off the list. Also take note of the annual sale, they are usually advertised through newspapers and magazines, so you’d be able to plan out better.

     3) Never use credit cards.

Yup, one main way of saving money is by not getting burdened with debt. Credit cards may promise a buy-now-pay-later scheme, but the interest rates may be unforgiving at times, and you wouldn’t want all your earnings to be spent on that. If you really want to purchase something for your loved ones (like a new cellphone for your spouse or a game console for your child), then you may canvas and ask around for a better deal, rather than be tied to a credit contract.

     4) If you can manage, get a part-time job.

It is common nowadays for OFWs to have more than one job. If your health and energy permit, then feel free to apply for a second one. Of course, be sure that you wouldn’t get into a conflicting contract with your current company, rather, go for a second job that would still allow you ample time for regular work and rest during day offs. The best way to save money is to earn more than what your average job has to offer.

     5) Never deprive yourself of your needs.

Yes, you may sacrifice the wants, but never sacrifice your needs. Being able to save does not mean you no longer have to spend money for food and toiletries; you still need to manage your health and your hygiene. Perhaps dining out on days off isn’t a bad thing, just as long as you wouldn’t overspend. Be in good shape, as medical bills would definitely drain your earnings. Keep yourself healthy and you’d never have to worry about other unforeseen expenditures in the long run.

With all of that in mind, you may have saved enough and finally be ready to send your hard-earned money to your family back at home; however, you are still undecided as to which remitting center you should transact with. Well no need to look any further. With Cebuana Lhuillier’s Pera Padala Service, you are ensured an easy, quick, and safe way to send and receive money. With more than 2,200 branches nationwide and accredited international partners, this money transfer service is made available to clients within and outside the Philippines. So for our beloved OFW patrons, feel free to visit any of our international partners – we assure a fast, easy and secure transaction.

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