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A Helping Hand: The Different Ways We Can Help Others During the Pandemic

If there’s one thing that the current pandemic has taught us, is that whenever there’s trouble, Filipinos are always ready to help out. We’ve been through countless storms, economic turmoil, and calamities, and yet, no one was prepared enough for the insurmountable effect of COVID-19. Yes, there were warning signs early on, but even that wasn’t enough to let us know how difficult it would be today. Isolated, hampered by safety policies, and well-versed in social distancing measures, we are all “stuck” in a risky situation which is seemingly spiraling out of control, yet here we are as Filipinos, ready to reach out to to those who are in need.

You may ask, “I want to do my part, so how can I help others? What do I need to do? Who do I need to help during these trying times?” Well, look no further than our list of helpful tips on how you can help during this pandemic. Take note that you wouldn’t even have to go outdoors for the most part. Our local government agencies are doing everything they can to implement home isolation and social distancing, so be sure to follow every directive. It’s never a bad thing to lend a hand to those who are in need, however, be sure to stay safe and vigilant during these uncertain times.

  1. Providing assistance to local government agencies.
    All of our frontliners are doing everything that they can to fight off the virus, however, their core strength and determination isn’t enough to deal with the pandemic. Eradicating COVID-19 is a nationwide responsibility, after all. For the most part, the best that an average citizen can do would be to stay at home and wait until the virus has been fully dealt with. For those of us who want to go beyond that, however, there is a little something that we can do to help out our LGUs and frontliners. Donating financial assistance and protective gears to your local government agencies may ease up the expense in dealing with the pandemic. You may have heard news of PPEs and isolation tents running out at an alarming rate. Our heroic frontliners would need these PPEs in order to protect themselves from contracting the virus while tending to those who were infected. Doctors, nurses, and even law enforcers are in dire need of these protective gears, and because the demand is high and the supply is low, a scarcity of PPEs occurs. Remember that these PPEs are just single-use, meaning that once they are worn for the day, they’d have to be disposed immediately, with a fresh set of PPE being prepared for the next day. This would go on until such time that PPEs would no longer be needed when tending to unaffected patients. You may donate cash or PPEs to your local Barangays or the nearest hospital or clinic.

  2. Donating towards fundraisers and humanitarian organizations.
    There are countless humanitarian organizations in the Philippines. Most of these organizations are working towards the resolution of social issues and concerns, and the current pandemic is no different from what they are trying to achieve. Feel free to provide any assistance towards these organizations. If you can’t do voluntary work (fearing the spread of the virus) you may instead give a portion of your earnings to these organizations who are in dire need. The great thing about them is that they usually coordinate with local government offices and health sectors, so you definitely know where your hard-earned cash is going to be allocated to. These organizations do not earn anything, and mostly rely on the financial assistance of kind-hearted supporters, so feel free to chip in and provide any amount for a great cause.
  3. Remitting cash towards your family, friends, or loved ones.
    Of course, aside from strangers who may be in need, you may know a couple of relatives who were majorly affected by the pandemic. Its one thing to be infected by the virus (and at least have the chance to recover with the help of your strong immunity), but to lose a job, a livelihood, and most tragically, a loved one due to COVID-19 is greater concern overall. If you happen to have a family, friend, or a loved one with the same kind of problem, reach out to them and help out financially. Assistance of any kind would be good, of course, but financial help would at least enable them to have the choice, in terms of allocating the amount towards their needs. There are countless ways of remitting cash to your loved ones, but we believe that you should be cautious when sending money. Remember, you worked hard for it, and the people receiving it should be able to acquire the needed amount with no hassle. Every centavo counts, after all. Even the remittance center itself should be sanitized. Proper restrictions and regulations should be implemented at all times. The remittance branch that you went to when sending the financial assistance should set the same high standard as the branch of the receiving end.

With all of that being said, you might be wondering if Cebuana Lhuillier has put in place the same amount of care and restrictions when it comes to protecting their customers against the virus. Simple answer? Yes, they have. With frequent and routine disinfection protocols and queuing rules set in place, no other place is safer than Cebuana Lhuillier’s more than2,500 branches. They’ve also made it convenient clients to process transactions.. Time well-spent outdoors is equivalent to money well-spent as well, and at this point, every centavo counts, and no other remittance center would value your time and safety more than Cebuana Lhuillier, with their most reliable Money Remittance service ever. Be sure to visit the nearest branch now for more information.