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5 High Value Items You Can Pawn

Do you want to make a bit of cash but are already running out of ideas? Want to avoid the hassle of trying to open up a business or lining up for a loan? Well, why not try pawning out a few of your items at home. There are many things you can pawn – clothes, jewelries, and even appliances – but there are only a few particular items that would provide you with a great amount of return. Here are just a few of them:

1. Jewelry (in great condition)

Yes, the most obvious items to pawn are the ones that glitter. Seeing that this is the most go-to choice, you must not ignore the relevance of its condition. Remember, not everything that glitters is gold, so take note of the authenticity of your jewelry. Gold-plated ones would cost lower than those which are genuine. You have to look out for its weight, clarity, color, quality of craftsmanship, desirability, design, and present economic value in the market.

 2. Smartphones

One main thing to say about this is that the more recent its model, the higher the value. Of course, it has to be in good working condition as well. You’re not going to get a good return if it has dents or damage, so keep that in mind. You may also want to delete any stored number or media before pawning it off, for your own safety and privacy.

3. Laptops

Clearly, one of the most mobile and convenient gadgets to have around, laptops come in many models, makes, and even sizes (though they only vary by a few centimeters or inches). The factors to look out for when pawning off your laptop is similar to that of a smartphone: you have the quality, functionality, and physical condition. You must also delete any saved files, again, for your safety and privacy.

4. Gaming consoles

One person’s toy can be a valued item for another. Game consoles are now highly-valued in the market; hence, you can expect a great return as well. You also have the option to pawn it off with game CDs and cartridges—a nice little touch to earn a little extra.

5. Rare coins and antique items

Ask your grandparents for any item that they would allow you to pawn off. Surely, they would have a few unused antiques lying around. The price would vary, but the authenticity and aesthetics of the item would be a deciding factor for the amount. You may bring your grandparents with you; just so that you have backup when it’s time to haggle for a reasonable return/amount.

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