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4 Most Common Items to Pawn for Quick Cash


So you’ve run out of money and are in need of quick cash. You peek into your bank account, only to find out that you do not have enough for your needs. You ask yourself, “What could I possibly do to get funds in no time?” The simple answer is to pawn your excess items, of course. Believe it or not, there are many treasures within your home that may prove very valuable in the long run; you just have to determine the value of each item. If you want to know the specific items to pawn for quick cash, look no further than our helpful enumerations:

The very first thing that comes into mind when thinking of the most commonly pawned items is jewelry. Gold, silver, and diamonds are your best choice. Prime examples of this are rings, golden necklaces, earrings–anything that can be weighted and appraised. The good news is pawnshops seldom turn down a precious gem; rather they just tend to provide a much lower value than expected. Nonetheless, you can never go wrong with jewelry.

Electronics and Gadgets

Your flat screen LED TV, game console, digital camera, tablet, laptop, and smartphone are very much welcome to be pawned. The amount to be provided to you would depend on the current value of the electronic items. Just make sure your item is in excellent condition to get the most value, with no missing parts whatsoever. You may also want to charge them before heading out to the pawnshop, so they can be tested and properly valued within the transaction.

Musical Instruments

Electric guitars and drum sets are a perfect example of this. Of course, they should again be in great, not to mention, “playable” condition. You may want to provide extra strings for the guitar and even drumsticks for the set itself, so as to raise the value of the items. Scratches and wear-and-tear are indications of a lowered value, so make sure that the instruments that you will pawn off are somehow in mint condition.

Designer Bags

No lady ever travels without her designer bag. While many may not afford to avail one, some are actually vivid collectors, so much that when all of the value gets added up, the cash return in pawning the whole cash collection may reach into the 5 digit mark. For ladies who are hoping to earn a few extra and eliminating unused, yet proper conditioned items at home, consider pawning in your well-loved bags. Trust us, the minter the condition, the higher its value.

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