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Your Indoor Financial Companion: Introducing Cebuana Lhuillier’s Cebuana from Home and Its Features

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic is still ongoing. Many of us are understandably frustrated, urging to go out after spending the past few months being stuck indoors. While the guidelines have somewhat been relaxed in some parts of the country, strict rules are still being followed in areas that are deemed a possible high-risk zone. The urban landscape, for example, is the main spot of these implemented rules, and as long as the confirmed cases are still at an all-time high, the said regulations will remain in place. Now, as the virus continues to haunt our society, simple transactions and processes are somewhat tougher to accomplish. The long lines and hassle are part of the “new normal,” making your everyday routine a lot more tedious than the usual. Money remittance is no exemption, as people tend to line up during the early hours, just to receive a handful of financial aid from their loved ones.

The good news is, in spite of everything that’s been happening around the country, Cebuana Lhuillier’s everlasting goal to provide each and every Filipino with exemplary service still remains to this day. No virus or pandemic would ever change that, which is why they recently launched an online service that would cater to the needs of every Filipino.

Cebuana from Home is an online service that aims to serve the Filipino people at the safety of their homes. There used to be a time when patrons would line up for a few minutes just so they could have their money remitted or their jewelries appraised. Now, with the “new normal” being rolled out, Cebuana from Home is a great companion for every Filipino who do not want to risk being caught within the dangerous grasp of the virus, while at the same time continue with their usual transactions with only the most-trusted name in money remittance.

Where can I access it and what are its features?

You may access Cebuana from Home via their official website at The features are tailor fitted to provide the usual services that every Filipino wishes to pursue at their preferred branches. The online system has been streamlined, so it doesn’t matter if you’d run the online transaction at home or through an internet café, as long as the customer were to provide the complete and correct details within the corresponding online forms.

1. Online Domestic Remittance

Cebuana from Home’s Online Domestic Remittance enables Cebuana Lhuillier’s long-time patrons to send money towards their loved ones, without even leaving the comfort of their homes. They just need to click the Domestic Remittance option from the main menu, after which, they would be redirected towards an online form. The sender would need to provide his/her complete details, along with the details of the person to whom he/sheis sending the money to. This online service is pretty flexible as well, in the sense that it allows the sender to either use his GCash, PayMaya, BPI, BDO, or other bank accounts to send the corresponding cash remittance. Of course, he would still need to send the receiver a heads up for when the online transaction has been successful, so that the receiver may spring into action when acquiring the amount. Again, just make sure that the details are all correct and complete, so as to avoid any confusion within the process. It is as easy as 1-2-3.

2. Online Insurance

Of course, Cebuana Lhuillier has expanded its reach for its insurance service as well. Similar to the Online Domestic Remittance service, the Insurance option should be chosen at the main menu, after which, the user would be taken straight to the insurance section. Once inside that webpage, the user has three main options to choose from. We have the PA Prime, the ERCare, and the TeleCare. Each and every one of these insurance offerings has their own features and coverages. PA Prime has an annual premium of P100, ERCare has a premium which starts at P550, and TeleCare has a premium that starts at P200. Of course, there is more to see if the user were to choose one of those insurances. Clicking on one of them would bring the user towards that particular insurance’s main page, thus explaining all of the features and packages of the said insurance option. Below each main insurance page are two vital parts which the user should be aware of, the first one being the complete “Terms and Conditions.” Right below that would be the “Buy Now” option, which would enable the user to enter the purchase page, if ever he/she were to have a quick decision within the very same day, with regard to his/herinsurance preference.

3. Online Payments

Not to be confused with your general utility bill payments, Cebuana from Home only accepts the following payments at the moment:

  1. Asialink Finance Corp.
  2. Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
  3. Finaswide Credit Corp.
  4. Global Dominion Financing Inc.
  5. Home Credit
  6. Motor Star
  7. Probikes Motorcycle Center
  8. Subic Water
  9. Sumisho Motor Finance Corp.

Clicking on any one of these would bring the user to the main payment page, where he/she can fill up the needed details to proceed with the payment process. As with the other online services, this one wouldn’t take long to finish. They also accept GCash, PayMaya, BPI, BDO, and other bank accounts as a valid source of the payment itself.

4. Online Pawning

The last online service would be the online Pawning option. Unlike the first three options, this would have an extra step before getting to the main payment page. After clicking “Pawning” from the main page, the user would then be asked if he/she wishes to make a “New Pawning” transaction or a “Pawn Renewal” transaction. Choosing either of the options would take the user to the main fill-up page, where he/she would need to fill in the needed details (including information about the jewelry) in order to proceed. As with the other online services, every detail should be correct and complete, to avoid any confusion within the transaction.

So, that’s just about it. For more information about the Cebuana from Home service, you may visit or contact the following details: [email protected] or call Cebuana Lhuillier at (+632) 759-9888/(+632) 779-9888 Local 1372 or 1373 or via (+63)918-488-3912.