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Top 5 Ways To Save on Your Utility Bills


In the Philippines, there are still a lot of people who struggle to make ends meet. Many find it hard to budget finances, but one way to survive is by living a frugal life. Saving up on utility bills is pretty much necessary to avoid paying high amounts monthly.

If you’re looking for ways to save up on your water and electricity use, follow these tips below:


Tip #1: Invest in Newer Appliances

If you’ve been using some of your appliances for a while, it might be more beneficial for you to replace them even if they haven’t deteriorated or aren’t showing signs of wear and tear. They might look okay on the outside and are functioning well, but you may not notice that the components inside are already damaged. This causes them to operate inefficiently and consume more energy just to work normally.

You can resolve this problem by investing in newer appliances. This entails spending a lot of money, but you’ll end up saving more in the long run. Of course, you do not necessarily have to replace every single one at once, especially if you do not have the budget.

However, you can select the oldest appliance you have and purchase a replacement for it. After saving up for a few weeks or months, you can pick another old unit and replace it with a new one.


Tip #2: Find and Fix Leaky Pipes

Did you receive your water bill and get surprised that the amount due was considerably larger than the previous month? Ask yourself if you used a lot of water over the last few weeks. If you did, all you can do now is settle your water bill online or through a payment center.

However, if you know that you’re just consuming around the same amount of water every month, you might have a problem with your pipes. Some of them might be leaking and causing you to incur a higher charge on your bills. A good way to check if a pipe is leaking is to turn off all your faucets, showers, and other fixtures that use water. Then, check your meter; if it’s still running, you likely have a problem.

Determining if you have a leaky pipe is easy, but finding the source of the issue is relatively difficult. It might be better to seek professional help in this case. Call a plumber and ask them to fix the problem for you!


Tip #3: Turn Off Lights When Not in Use

This one might be pretty obvious, but it still merits repetition. If you have lights in certain rooms that aren’t in use, be sure to turn them off. This way, you’re not wasting electricity and causing yourself to pay more for your utility bills.

The same goes for any other appliance. Turn off your air conditioners or electric fans if no one’s using them. Do the same for your television or radio if you know everybody at home is busy and isn’t watching or listening.

This tip goes far beyond electricity use in Manila and other parts of the country. It’s very helpful in reducing your water bills, as well! While brushing your teeth or taking a bath, it’s best to turn off the tap if your glass or tub is already full. Don’t let the water overflow from your container!


Tip #4: Try To Reduce Shower Time

The country we live in is a tropical one, and the average temperature in most places here can reach more than 25°C. That might even increase during warmer months, like March, April, and May. Because of this, it’s understandable that people in some regions of the Philippines pay higher monthly electric bills because they have to turn on their ACs and electric fans for hours on end.

Aside from that, many people pay higher water bills because it’s too hot! A lot of people shower twice or even thrice a day just to beat the heat temporarily.

To reduce your water bill, you can simply reduce the number of times you take a bath. However, if you can’t do that, you can at least lessen the time you spend just standing under the shower. Let’s say you usually take about 45 minutes to get cleaned up. You can save a lot on your water bill by cutting it to 20 to 30 minutes.


Tip #5: Pay Your Bills Before the Due Date

You might not realize it, but paying your bills on time can help you save some money. If possible, try to settle them a few days before the due date to prevent yourself from forgetting about them.

Failure to settle your dues on time can cause you to spend more on penalties. Late payment fees can cost quite a lot, too, especially if they accumulate every month. It will be a bigger problem if your services get disconnected. If that happens, you won’t be able to use your utilities for a few days until you pay your bills again. Aside from your dues, you will also be asked to pay reconnection fees.

Thankfully, there are now many ways to help you remember which bills to pay and when. If you’re almost always on your phone, you can input them in a calendar app to set reminders. You can also download the eCebuana app from Cebuana Lhuillier. It’s an easy way to settle your monthly dues without having to go to the nearest payment center.


It is your duty as a responsible citizen to pay your utility bills on time. However, it’s understandable if you can’t settle them immediately, especially if they’re too high. What you can do is save up on your use of consumable services, particularly water and electricity.

By following the tips above, you can reduce your monthly bills even slightly. A few hundred pesos getting cut from your bills can be very helpful these days.

If you’re looking for easy ways to pay your monthly bills, Cebuana Lhuillier is here to help. You can pay your bills at more than 2,500 branches nationwide. We also have the eCebuana app, which is a convenient way to settle your dues. With just a few taps on your mobile device, you can easily pay your bills without leaving your house. Contact us today for more information about our services.