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Unilever mulls over relocating Paco plant


Unilever Philippines is studying the relocation of its manufacturing hub from Paco, Manila, following the floods that hit the area in the past three years.

“That will be a management decision should the company move to another site. There are many reasons and one of the most pressing is climate change,” Unilever vice president for business development Chito Macapagal said in an interview in Makati City.

Macapagal made the statement during the signing of partnership agreement between Unilever, Smart Communications and Cebuana Lhuillier for the sachet recovery program.

Unilever’s main office and manufacturing hub is located along UN Ave. in Paco, Manila.

Macapagal said following the onslaught of typhoon Ondoy in 2009, the company was thinking of transferring its Paco hub to another location that is “relatively safe” from the vagaries of weather.

The company’s office and detergent plant were affected by the floods caused by typhoon Ondoy. The company also has two adjacent leased properties at the Gateway Industrial Park in General Trias, Cavite while its ice cream plant is located in Manggahan, also in General Trias.

A Manila City ordinance on zoning earlier asked manufacturing companies to move operations to another place.

“A city ordinance can kick us out although we have heard nothing yet from the city government. They have reclassified the area based on a new zoning plan,” said Macapagal.


Source: Manila Standard Today