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CTPL vs. Comprehensive Car Insurance: Should You Get Just One or Both?

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You may have taken years of planning before you purchased your car, considering many factors, including the brand, model, color, and price. Aside from this, you might have searched for new ways to earn money to pay off the down payment and installments.

Owning a vehicle also comes with many responsibilities. When you hit the road, you must ensure you’re prepared for anything that comes your way. Unfortunate incidents out of your control may occur, possibly causing harm to you or your car.

Because of all these factors, getting car insurance is essential to keeping yourself and your investment safe. Although the benefits of car insurance are not obvious to everyone, it is still crucial for road safety. An auto insurance policy gives you financial and liability protection, so you don’t have to worry as much about paying for vehicle repairs or hospital bills.

Auto insurance is further explained in the following sections. Read on to learn about the different types of vehicle insurance and their benefits.

Why Is Car Insurance Necessary?

In the Philippines, the law requires every registered vehicle to have basic Compulsory Third Party Liability (CTPL) car insurance. This policy protects you from liabilities to a third party, including anyone other than a passenger, a family member, or a household member of the vehicle’s owner. A CTPL policy is also required to register your car with the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Aside from this requirement, auto insurance has other benefits, such as protection from theft and coverage for damages from disasters. Therefore, your policy can cover repairs for damages caused by thieves and acts of nature.

CTPL vs. Comprehensive Insurance

There are two types of vehicle insurance, each with its own set of benefits and coverages. As previously mentioned, CTPL is mandated by the government and covers a third party’s medical fees should you get into an accident causing harm to another person.

The second type of auto insurance is comprehensive insurance, which can be purchased voluntarily. The main difference between comprehensive and third-party insurance is the coverage each policy offers. While CTPL only covers third-party expenses, comprehensive insurance provides more extensive coverage for the policyholder.

Comprehensive insurance provides assured benefits not available with CTPL insurance, such as financial coverage for medical expenses if the first party sustains injuries during an accident or costs for vehicle damage repair. These benefits include financial protection for owners against damages and losses due to theft, accidental collision, personal accidents, fire and explosions, malicious acts by third parties, and natural disasters (acts of God).

Which Type of Car Insurance Is Better?  

When choosing between CTPL or comprehensive insurance, the question that needs to be answered isn’t necessarily which is better. Rather, it’s whether or not you should get both.

Since CTPL insurance is required by the government, every car owner in the Philippines already gets the benefits from this type of policy. Purchasing this auto insurance provides basic financial protection for possible vehicular accidents.

However, if you want even more coverage against financial and legal liabilities, acquiring comprehensive car insurance is recommended. It should be noted that the coverage for this type of policy typically varies depending on the provider, so you must do adequate research and compare car insurance products to ensure you get one that fits your needs and budget.

Get Both Types of Car Insurance Today!

Investing in both types of vehicle insurance can help you prepare for any situation on the road. As such, having CTPL and comprehensive insurance is ideal. Whether you choose to get both types or not, it is important to purchase your auto insurance from a reputable company like Cebuana Lhuillier. We offer both types of car insurance at affordable prices, giving you coverage for up to one year.

One of our auto insurance plans is the Cebuana CTPL. This microinsurance product covers bodily injuries and death for victims of vehicular accidents besides the driver and passengers. We offer this policy at ₱610.40 for motorcars and private four-wheel cars and ₱300.40 for motorcycles.

Another car insurance plan we offer is AutoCARE, which has broader coverage than the government-mandated CTPL insurance. This comprehensive policy covers the following:

  • Own Damage (OD)
  • Theft, Loss, and/or Damage
  • Excess Bodily Injury (EBI)
  • Excess Property Damage (EPD)
  • Acts of God/Nature (AOG/AON)

Do you want to learn more about our CTPL and AutoCare policies? Contact us today for more information on our car insurance product.


No matter how rare you think road accidents are, it is essential to purchase car insurance for your vehicle to ensure your protection and the safety of everyone else on the road. Offering compensation to third parties who may get injured or killed because of a vehicular accident is the primary reason Philippine law mandates that each car owner should have a CTPL policy. It also protects you, as the policyholder, from being financially obligated to cover the costs of damage or injury.

Despite this requirement, it is still highly recommended that you buy comprehensive car insurance. Getting this additional policy gives you more coverage that could also protect your vehicle, your passengers, and even your life.

If you need a reliable car insurance provider, look no further than Cebuana Lhuillier! We offer affordable policies that are sure to fit your needs. Our team has also made purchasing these insurance plans easier through our highly accessible store locations. We have more than 2,500 branches across the Philippines, so you are likely to find one near you.

Aside from visiting our physical locations, you can purchase your desired vehicle insurance plan from the eCebuana App. This allows you to get the financial protection you need from the comfort of your home.

For additional information about our insurance products, contact us today. You may also reach out to us if you have any questions about our other financial services. We look forward to serving you!