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How to Turn Old Electronics into Personal Profit


You may have a few old electronics lying around at home. There may come a time when you’d have to dispose of them in order to declutter, but what fun would that be if you’re just going to do a simple spring cleaning, without getting anything in return? Such items may still have great value, thus, providing you with an opportunity to earn a little extra along the way. Here are just a few tips to turn your old electronics into personal profit:

1. Rent them out.

You’d be surprised at how many people would be willing to pay in order to experience that vintage feel. Still have an old video game console or VCR player in your storage? Dust them off, test if they still work, and offer to rent them out to anyone who still has their own separate game cartridges or video tapes. Still have an old working washing machine at home (replaced by a new model)? Rent them out to neighbors who would like to rest their hands from the strenuous feel of hand washing, in exchange for a comfortable weekend of soft hands. The possibilities are endless.

2. Have a garage sale.

If you don’t want to rent them out, you may sell them instead, thus, ridding you of all the clutter at home. Aside from the fact that you’ll be having more personal space, you’d also earn cash in return. Just make sure to check if all the old electronics you’re going to sell are still in great working condition. Refrigerators, toasters, tube TVs, pre-loved cellphones and gadgets, and even VCRs are a sure sell.

3. Pawn them off.

If you think that you’ll get a better deal from pawning them off, then feel free to visit your nearest pawnshop. The model, make, functionality, aesthetics, and working condition are indicators of their price. Of course, don’t expect them to be as high as their original market price, as they are indeed pre-loved and used. However, the more mint and high-quality the item still is (even after many years), the more amount that you’re bound to get in return. Take note that you’re really not getting rid of them, as pawned items may still be redeemed in the long run; you’re just in need of an extra income now, and once you finally get your footing, back then you may opt to redeem your pre-loved items.

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