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Tips to Save on Car Insurance

Accidents happen. This is the main reason why many would avail of car insurance–to avoid spending big for damage repairs and possible hospital bills later on. There are various coverages in terms of car insurances, however, always remember that not all coverages are applicable for you. There are only a few that would save you a lot of money, depending on your needs. With this, we had enumerated few tips to keep in mind in order to save on car insurance:

Choose a well-known insurance company.

The thing about companies with familiar brand names is that there is a reason why a lot of people know about their products and services. An insurance company that has been around for decades would obviously be better trusted than those that just came into existence after a few years. Aside from the fact that well-known companies had already stood the test of time, some also implement promos and discounts on car insurances and coverages. Grab this opportunity as well, while transacting with a tested insurer.

Do an Annual Rate Check.

The thing about prices is that they constantly change with the flow of an economy. The insurance fee for today may be a lot different tomorrow, which is why you should time your purchase of car insurance. Ask around different companies and request for the price list of their coverages. Know if there are any hidden charges, be familiar with the different aspects of their coverage, and choose one that would best work for you. Many would mistakenly choose a higher price, not knowing that there is a lower alternative from another company, an expense that was not avoided due to lack of research.

Report Reduced Mileage

One of the factors affecting the cost of car insurance is miles driven per year. The average is about 12,000 miles. But if you’re driving a lot less than usual for some reason, like a job change or retirement, let your insurer know. Your reduced driving could cut 5 to 10 percent off your premium. This is due to the fact that, the less you drive, the lesser chance of you getting involved in an accident. Again, take note that this is applicable for those undergoing job change or retirement, which means you either cover only short travel distances or do not travel at all.

You finally decided to get a car insurance. However, you would prefer an affordable one that would really look out for you in times of need. No need to worry, as here in Cebuana Lhuillier, we offer the AutoCARE Insurance, a Standard Comprehensive Car Insurance that covers Own Damage (OD), Theft, Loss and/or Damage. Excess Bodily Injury (EBI), Excess Property Damage (EPD), and Acts of God/Nature (AOG/AON). Be a hero on the road, be safe, and be insured. Visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch!

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