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The Right Gift for the Right One


Valentine’s Day is always the perfect opportunity for us to give our loved ones the perfect gift. In such case, giving them something valuable and shiny may be the go-to idea. It’s been a norm to give jewelry on Valentine’s Day, after all. Husbands and boyfriends would often do that in order to please the woman of their lives. Giving them a gift that would last a lifetime definitely brings a very positive vibe to a lasting relationship. And not to be mistaken for materialistic importance, it’s all in the effort of coming up with something that would make an impact. You may have heard of other guys giving their loved one a ring, a necklace, a bracelet, etc. And admittedly, they do not come cheap. The amount of money you may be able to spend on Valentine’s Day is understandably limited, as there are far better things that you should be investing your money in, and shiny gifts shouldn’t be your top priority, especially if it’s going to be given in a seasonal event. No, you should set aside amounts for your future needs and investments, separating your seasonal expenses (Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, etc.) from your vital funds.

With that being said, it’s possible that you may still be thinking about what to give your loved ones. Jewelry is an obvious choice, but as we’ve said, it may not always be practical, budget wise. “Then what may I give her instead?” you may ask. Well, we have a couple of tips that may resound better with your budget in the long run. These ideas, when done correctly would definitely put a smile on your loved one’s face. Aside from that, your wallet will be kept safe, without any need of ever breaking out any huge amount in order to impress your loved one. Of course, results may still vary, depending on your loved one’s preferences and lifestyle, but isn’t love all about taking risks? Shouldn’t you be more motivated in knowing that impressing her takes a bit of a challenge? That’s what true love is, after all.

1. A simple dinner.

The value of a particular gift isn’t always about the longevity of the items itself; it’s all about the experience that comes with receiving that very gift. The thing about the word “gift” is that it often comes off as a much generalized concept. A gift may be in the form of an item, a gift may come in the form of a song, a gift may come in the form of a memory, and it may also come in the form of an experience. This very first tip actually takes advantage of that very last form. You see, there is a saying that goes, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” In such case, wouldn’t the same thing apply to women as well? If you opt to prepare a romantic dinner for your loved one or significant other, wouldn’t they value that more, due to the fact that you’ve visibly put as much effort as winning her heart before the start of your relationship? Great things always come in small packages, and even a simple romantic dinner would melt even the coldest heart of a woman. This is further amplified if you happen to cook for her, no hired waiters, no cooks, just invite her over at your home and cook her favorite delicacy. May it be local or foreign food, learn it, master it, and impress her with your skills. Trust us, she’s bound to remember it for a lifetime.

2. Going to the movies/cinema.

This tip would work to your advantage due to one simple fact, movie producers and studios would often time their movie releases during seasonal events. Haven’t you noticed, during December, there are a ton of Holiday themed movies? Some of them are even signed up for the country’s film festival within the same month. The same thing would usually happen during Valentine’s season. There are a ton of romantic comedies and tearjerkers being shown in the theaters to capitalize on the season, and the movie producers are very much aware of their possible profits. This isn’t a one way window of advantage for them though, as even the movie goers (including you and your loved one) are given multiple movies to choose from. Multiple movies would mean countless choices to enjoy during Valentine’s Day. The combinations of love story and other genres (just to pass them off as a legitimate Valentine’s Day release) somehow even gives you the chance to watch multiple movies with your partner. Take note, however, that seasonal movie releases would also garner a huge crowd in the theaters, so if you’re going to treat your loved one to the movies, be sure to reach the venue early, to avoid the long lines when buying tickets.

3. Going out of town for a short vacation.

Now, “Hold on!” you might say. “Aren’t vacations expensive? I thought these tips are supposed to help me treat and impress my loved one without breaking the bank?” Well, you are absolutely right. The first two tips are open alternatives to treating your special someone to a unique, yet, affordable Valentine’s Day experience. However, this third tip is all about the allowance. When we say allowance, we are referring to an extra amount that you are willing to shell out, without affecting your savings in the process. If you happen to have a huge amount that is leftover from your Christmas bonus, and you’ve managed to set aside an amount for your savings account already, then by all means, think outside the box and plan an out of town vacation with your loved one. Vacations do not necessarily have to be expensive, as remember, this is the Valentine’s season. Just like the movies, airline and travel companies are aware of the huge influx of lovers hoping to spend quality time together, so they’d plan out a couple of affordable packages for “two-person” travels. Take advantage of these “promos” and spend an unforgettable vacation with the woman that you love.

Now, these are just a couple of suggestions on how to spend your Valentine’s Day with a loved one, an appropriate gift of unforgettable experience for your significant other, if you may. The thing is, you may still find yourself scraping at the very last amount of savings in your account, hoping that it may fit your budget for this season of love. Don’t let that get in the way of your plans to impress her. There are always alternatives to receiving extra cash without having to borrow from a friend or a family member. Why not try pawning off some of your pre-loved items at home?

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