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The Future of Micro Finance Right on Your Phone

Mobile applications, they make everything faster and more convenient to accomplish. There used to be a time when paying your utility bills meant that you’d have to wait in line between thirty minutes to over an hour. Nowadays, that very same transaction can be accomplished faster with the push of a button. Of course, that’s not the only tasks that would require a huge chunk of time to process, activities such as submitting government paperwork, reserving tickets to an event or movie, and job applications are also known for this type of wait length. And we haven’t even touched on the time of your commute yet, as the time spent in line doesn’t even account for the time that you’d invest on your travel to and from the process venue. In such case, the rise of mobile applications which offers to ease up every tasks has everyone hooked, to the extent that they’d never have to experience waiting for thirty minutes or more amongst hundreds (or sometimes, even thousands) of onlookers.

Indeed, mobile applications (or apps, as they are now called) have become the “partners” of the average Filipino in their everyday lives. For the most part, apps are used for communication purposes, enabling their users to message or call their family, friends, or loved ones without having to spend too much on call and text rates. There are also instances in which they may send videos and pictures over apps, letting their “audiences” and followers know of their current or most recent activities. Definitely, this would only be limited to the people who has access to their personal pages, nonetheless, they would be updated in real time. If that isn’t enough, apps are also used as references for on-the-fly information. When we say on-the-fly, we are talking about information in need of sudden validation by the users. If an app user wants to find out the correct spelling of the word, a dictionary app would be most appropriate for the task. If that very same user wants to confirm the soup of the day from a specific restaurant, there is also an app which would indicate that. So overall, apps are like your daily human companions. They help you out in times of need, without breaking a sweat or wasting precious time in determining validated information.

Answering with valid information, is that all an app does?
No, as a matter of fact, most apps out there does more than simply telling you the correct spelling and definition of a word. There are apps that schedule your vacation itinerary, there are apps which calculates your electricity usage, and there are even apps which determines which delicacy has the highest calorie count, enabling you to avoid said food. This is the reason why some people consider mobile apps as daily companions, due to the fact that it does most of the tedious task for them, saving them a lot of time in doing more important things like their regular work and routines. Considering that even the simplest task may require a huge amount of time in analyzing the outcome, you may think that they are vital for an average person’s daily activities, and you may actually be right.

Cebuana Lhuillier’s eCebuana App
With all of that in mind, there is a particular cellphone app which has recently been making the waves due to their easy functionality and accessibility. The amount of things which this app can do definitely amazed a lot of people, going as far as revolutionizing the way that they’ve undergone the usual processes when it came to their financials and payment obligations. We are talking about Cebuana Lhuillier’s newly introduced eCebuana App. Now, you may ask, “What exactly is the eCebuana App? What are the things that I’d be able to accomplish using this app?” Well, look no further than the following info.

What kind of app is it exactly?
Cebuana Lhuillier’s eCebuana App allows Filipinos to access the different features of Cebuana Lhuillier Micro Savings wherever they are and whenever they want to. Cebuana Lhuillier is aware of the average Pinoy’s need to accomplish tasks in a timely and direct manner, hence, why they came up with this amazing solution to connect everyone to one of their vital services in order to help cut time in processing their transactions and to enable them to avoid the hassles of long lines as well. So you’d never have to invest fare money for commute, and neither would you ever need to line up as well just to have your preferred transaction processed.

Okay, it sounds good, but what are its main functionalities?
The Micro Savings service from Cebuana Lhuillier is definitely recognized as one of the establishment’s main services, so much that they came up with the app to avoid the build-up of people within their branches. People who are hoping to pawn off their pre-loved items would still need to bring their said items personally in order to have them appraised, but Micro Savings patrons may just simply handle their transactions using the app, as such transactions can be accomplished, even with no physical appearance. The following are the things you may accomplish in-app:

  1. It allows the app user to check their balance.For those who are hoping to check the total amount of their current savings, they may do so within the app. No longer would you have to go outdoors just to do that.
  2. It allows the app user to perform money transfers.Have a relative in the province who is currently in need of financial assistance? You may transfer whatever amount you’d want to provide from your own account towards their own Micro Savings account. You can also transfer money towards their bank accounts, given that you’ve been given their bank details.
  3. It allows the app user to send money.This is similar to the previous functionality, with the exception that the ones receiving the cash amount doesn’t have their own Micro Savings account. In such case, they may have to visit a Cebuana Lhuillier branch to receive the money. You, on the other hand, do not need to go outside your house in order to accomplish this, as this process can still be done through the app, given that your account has the appropriate amount.
  4. It allows the app user to load prepaid credits to their phones.It does what exactly the description says. You no longer have to stroll towards your local sari-sari stores just to have your cellphone number loaded. You can just reload directly from your Micro Savings account.
  5. It allows the app user to pay their bills by integrating it to their micro savings account.One of the most time-saving things you can do through the app is paying your utility bills. No longer would you need to commute and stand in line for minutes or so. You can do that at the comfort of your home, with the help of the app.

Download the eCebuana App now! Available at the Google Playstore.