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The Deciding Factor: Things Which May Affect Your Item’s Value When Pawning

People pawn off their most prized possessions when they’re in need of an extra amount. Some pawn off a gadget, others may pawn off an appliance like a television or a refrigerator, while others may pawn off their jewelries. Regardless of the item, many aren’t aware that there are various factors which may affect its appraisal. Of course, this is usually decided by the pawnshop personnel, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a grasp of this basic knowledge as well. Remember, you’re the one pawning off the item, you’re the one in need, and you would need to attain the best deal possible when it comes to your most prized possessions. Here are just a few factors things which may affect your item’s value when pawning:

1)The condition of the item/jewelry.

Put yourself in the shoes of the pawnshop personnel. If you were to see a damaged item being offered before you, would you give it a high cost? Of course not! Before you pawn off your items or jewelries, you should at least make sure that the said item is in good condition. Yes, you are in need of a good deal, but no good deal may ever push through without a well-conditioned item. It’s just like walking through a grocery isle; you wouldn’t choose a molded bread or a spoiled fruit in display, would you? Be sure to have your item or jewelry repaired and in perfect condition if you want to achieve a high appraisal.

2) The market value of the item.

Okay, let’s say the item in question is presented in a mint condition, that’s already a plus point. But what if the item was released in the market years prior, or even decades ago? Of course, its value would be lower than the current market prices. Consider this when you decide to pawn off a cellphone.  Older models will always have a lower value than those newer cellphones they may be selling right now. This would also be applicable for appliances, since newer ones have more features than older releases. A flat screen TV would have a higher value than your grandparent’s cabinet-based TV, unless of course it is registered as a mint condition antique piece. Such can be discussed with the pawnshop personnel, so be sure to listen to their computations and process.

3) The credibility of the pawnshop in question.

Most of the time, people would get a low appraisal from lesser known pawnshops. Transacting with lesser known establishments would usually yield less than desirable results, which is why you should avoid committing this critical mistake. You may be looking for a pawn shop that would provide you with the most honest return possible. No worries, as Cebuana Lhuillier has got your back. With their Pawning Service you can never go short in any amount, as they accept an array of items, from jewelry to gadgets. Amazingly, they also have a 35% higher appraisal VS other pawnshops in the Philippines. They also lead the pawning industry by offering safety and the highest appraisal rate in the industry in its more than 2,200 branches nationwide. Visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch now – we assure a fast, easy and secure transaction.