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Summer Cleaning: The Advantages of Decluttering your Home

A clean home is a serene home. When you are surrounded by mess, it is much harder to feel calm, noticing all of the bundled clothes, unorganized magazines, and dusty shelves. For the most part, it isn’t conducive to do or accomplish anything at all, which is why we were brought up by our parents to value the importance of cleanliness and proper hygiene. Without these two important things, we may never get by in life, struggling to concentrate on our goals and failing to do all of the necessary things as we are distracted by all of the mess that overwhelms us.

This is even more evident during the summer, as the heat index rises due to the lack of circulation within your home. The air passages from outside are either blocked out by unorganized mess or by clear inches of dust, all of which may contribute to irritability and anxiety. With this in mind, it is safe to say that nothing would ever signify a much better home than by decluttering every mess out of existence. Decluttering may just solve that longstanding problem of disorder and mess within your household, not counting the allergies and psychological problems brought about by a gloomy place. Don’t believe us? Here are a few examples of the advantages when it comes to decluttering your home:

1. Decluttering provides a wider space within your home.

Admittedly, clutter tightens your moving space. If your path is often blocked or constricted by disorganized furniture, unhanged clothes, and sprawled out toys then you might as well need to take hold of the broom and start sweeping. This is critical, especially during emergency situations, in which you’d have to move fast in order to either escape out of the house or to avert the whole incident. The perfect example of this would be during a fire, where a messy room may prove to be hazardous, with everything catching on fire and your pathway being blocked off by all of the burning clutter. Things may go from messy to risky, hence, why you should clear out any unnecessary trash, items, and dirt from your home. This is more critical when you’re not the only person at home, as your kids and loved ones may be at risk during such times. Do what you must and clear everything out to create a movable, breathing space indoors.

2. Decluttering helps you relax and relieves stress.

There is a famous decluttering expert that once emphasized the healing effects of cleaning out mess. According to that expert, decluttering “sparks joy,” and indeed, that is the truth. Don’t you find it hard to concentrate when you are being bothered by the awful sight of messy tables and shelves? Aren’t you irritated by the dust and odor coming from your bundled clothes on the floor? All of these may have harmful effects on your physical and psychological makeup, and it may prove unhealthy in the long run. Do something about the mess as early as now, do not wait for others to clean up the mess, especially if you’re the one with the ample time to do just that. With the summer season now on the horizon, your other family members may have ample time to help out in the cleaning. You may even teach them the proper ways of decluttering, based from your own experience. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, basically, teaching them the importance of cleaning and disciplining them about hygiene and cleanliness. No longer would you have to worry about anyone leaving their mess again for that matter.

3. Decluttering helps you find long-lost items.

This is definitely true. Have you ever found yourself looking for that souvenir you received a few years ago from a workmate? How about trying to find your keys from the pile of unwashed pants in the bedroom? Or how about trying to find your pet cat from beneath the bundles of torn magazines on your living room floor? These valuable things may get buried beneath the bundle of mess if you aren’t cleaning up on a regular basis. The thing is, the more that the mess piles up, the harder would it be for you to find small, important items. Items such as keys, mini-phonebooks, calling cards, and even Swiss army knives may get lost deep within the pile that you wouldn’t even know where to begin looking for them. Avoid having to spend hours rummaging your house for just a single key, clean it all up, organize everything, and get rid of all the bundles of mess that were built up overtime. Keep everything in place and immediately have access to your treasured items.

4. Decluttering helps in making extra cash during the summer.

You’ve read that right. The thing about clutters is that they’d often mix your belongings so much that you’d never realize which item is still useful and which item is no longer being used at all. The latter is usually left untouched within the pile that you wouldn’t even notice its mint condition, in spite of all the recent years of use. Gadgets, apparel shoes, and even jewelries can get lost in the mix. When you buy yourself newer versions of these things, you wouldn’t even bother to have a second look at your pre-loved items, thus, leaving you with a goldmine that you never even realized that you had. Declutter your home, gather all of your pre-loved items which are still in mint condition, then sell them off via a garage sale or a pawnshop. The best thing about this isn’t just the cleanliness and orderliness of your home, but it’s also about the extra cash you’d make once you’re able to sell off your old stuff. Just make sure that the items you’re going to sell or pawn off are still in good working condition, unless you want to be accused of selling off broken items, and that would be illegal.

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