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Step by Step Guide on How to Get the IDs That You Need

In the Philippines, it is important to make sure that you get all those government-approved, valid IDs. Why? Well, simply because you could use them for a lot of things, including going to work, opening a bank account, getting insurance—and so much more!

So before you say, ang hirap naman kumuha ng ID, read on, and you’ll learn exactly what you have to do to get some of those IDs that you need!

Barangay Clearance

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Of course, it all starts at the barangay. This one’s easy, all you have to do is:

1. Go to the Barangay Hall and tell them where you’re going to use the clearance for (i.e., for Identification Purposes, Postal ID, Affidavits, Passport, etc.)

2. Get a Cedula (Community Tax Certificate) from your Barangay, and give this to the officer.

3. Pay the necessary application fees, and you’re done!

Now that you have your Barangay Clearance, you could go and get other IDs!

Postal ID


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To get the new Philippine Postal ID (which lasts for 3 years!), you need to make sure that you have a 1) Proof of Address which could be any of the following: Barangay Clearance, Credit Card Statement, Water or Electric Bill, and 2) Proof of Identify (birth certificate, valid passport, driver’s license, etc.)

To get the ID, just:

1. Download and fill-up the application form from this address, or get one from the nearest post office.

2. Prepare and submit the necessary documents at the post office.

3. Wait for your documents to be screened, and then get your photo/biometrics taken at the ID Capture Station (also in the post office).

Wait for your Postal ID to be delivered. For Metro Manila, waiting time will be 5 days; 7 for municipalities and major cities, and 15 for provinces and remote barangays.



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To get your SSS ID, you need to have one of the following:

Passport, Driver’s License, Seaman’s Book, or PRC License. If those are not available, you could bring: Voter’s ID, GSIS ID Card, UMID Card, NBI Clearance, School/Company ID, Postal ID, or TOR.

Then, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the nearest SSS branch and then submit the application form (you could fill it up at the same branch), together with valid identification (the ones given above).

2. Wait for your biometrics to be taken.

3. Wait for the acknowledgment slip to be given to you.

4. Wait for at least a week for your SSD ID to be delivered to your address.

Philippine Passport

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Even if you’re not going to travel yet, it’s good to have a Philippine Passport because this will allow you to apply for other IDs in the future. For this, you have to set up an appointment. Just visit this website

After that, do the following:

1. Confirm your appointment and make sure that you will personally arrive.

2. Present your application form (taken from DFA Appointment System), together with SECPA Birth Certificate, or a copy of the birth certificate from the civil registry.

3. Present a valid ID (i.e., SSS, Postal, Driver’s License, etc.)

That’s it, you could now get your passport!

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll easily get your IDs without any hassle!