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Heart of Gold: Shiny Gift Ideas for the Valentine’s Season

The Valentine’s season is among us. In spite of the ongoing pandemic, we Filipinos still find a way to lighten up the mood of our loved ones. After all, we are known to be naturally expressive about our feelings towards our partners, our other half, our significant other (whatever your current status may be). The thing is, only our daily activities were limited by the community guidelines which were implemented since the early months of COVID-19’s infamy, but from then on, we all found a way to adapt and adjust to our “new normal,” hence the cheerful outlook of people around you despite the challenges they face. Aren’t we known around the globe as one of the most resilient people to ever walk this earth? In a way, we all live up to that reputation, due to the fact that even a no pandemic, no matter how deadly it is, could stop us from living our lives and standing up from the huge blow that COVID-19 had given us.

Yes, we’ve all experienced hardships this past 2020, and even then, we are always hopeful for a better tomorrow, a better future, and a greater opportunity to be better people all around. 2021 would be a perfect starting point for us to turn over a new leaf and come back stronger than ever from this pandemic. Yes, COVID-19 is still running rampant as of now, but as long as we follow all of the strict prohibitions and regulations, we are all set towards the road of recovery and success. What better way to establish a strong start than with this year’s Valentine’s Day? And rightfully so, as it is a day of love, a day of showing your appreciation towards those who are most important to you. Not only would it be all about intimacy and cuddles, it would also be about showing your appreciation towards the people who’ve helped you get through the ordeal that was 2020. You may have lost your job, your way of life, and most tragically, a loved one, but the most important thing is you were able to get through 2020 with the help of the people who’ve stood by your side through thick and thin.

You may ask, “How would I best show my significant other that I care for them?” Well, if you have the budget for it, you may let a shiny, glittery gift do all the talking for you. Women always love their diamonds and jewels, and Valentine’s Day would be an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. Show the woman in your life that you greatly care for her, and this is where a valuable gem would be nothing short of amazing as a gift for the occasion. There are many types of jewelries that you may gift your significant other, but if ever you’re still undecided, here are just a few valuable suggestions:

  1. A Pair of Glittering Earrings
    Well, we are all isolated indoors due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that your significant other would be trapped all throughout. No, she would still be allowed to go outdoors and flaunt her new earrings due to the new MECQ. Earrings will never go out of style, as a matter of fact, they are one of the bestsellers when it comes to jewelries. Here’s a certain online tip, in terms of choosing the right one: “If your Valentine prefers subtle jewelry styles, find a pair that is round, short, and a solid metal such as sterling silver or gold. For those who like their jewelry to pop, choose designs that feature sparkle, length, and vibrant colors.”
  2. A Heart-Shaped Ring
    A certain movie franchise once focused on the concept of “one ring to rule them all.” While buying a ring in real life wouldn’t really bring you on an epic adventure which would span three to five books, it’s still quite an ordeal, due to the fact that you should have an idea about the type of fashion that your significant other indulges in. It’s not just about choosing a ring which has the most diamonds on it. No, it also involves the right instinct to choose a ring which your loved one would like. Perhaps you’d like to stick to the occasion, hence, why purchasing a heart-shaped ring may just be right up your alley. According to an online jewelry website, you should “envelop her finger with a sterling silver, diamond, or precious stone in the shape of love. Sizing and style are both important, so determine her ring size and find a design that she can love wearing for years to come.” Take note that heart-shaped rings also comes in various colors, so wisely choose the one which is closer to your loved one’s fashion taste and preference.
  3. A Heart-Shaped Necklace
    If rings aren’t really up to your significant other’s taste, then perhaps she would enjoy a necklace better. You may even apply the very same concept, in terms of the heart shape. The same principle as the heart-shaped ring may be applied, albeit, a small tweak in the design. “Heart-shaped necklaces styles vary by metal, stone, and setting, and prices range from affordable to high-end. Some common designs include pendants and chains, and they come in different lengths such as choker, mid-length princess, and extra-long opera.” Feel free to look for other colors if you aren’t satisfied with the current choices. An ornately decorated pendant may do wonders if she really wants to look fancy in her social media photos.
  4. Jewel Watches
    Not to be mistaken for a normal watch, jewel watches are those wristwatches which are ornamentally covered in jewels, which are usually diamonds or gold. You wouldn’t even have to look far to find these types of watches, as your main options are jewelry stores and watch shops. Both may carry the same variety, but others may also be exclusive to one of each store, so feel free to widen your options.

  5. Pearl Jewelries
    We are not just talking about pearl necklaces, as there are also rings with a smooth, shiny pearl on the top, not to mention, a necklace with a pearl pendant, appropriately finished with a gold frame. If you think that description alone garners an amazing view into the world of pearl jewelries, you might be astonished by the countless examples you’d find online. So feel free to take a look.

Okay, so you’ve finally found a way to show your appreciation towards your loved one, however, you find yourself wondering about the upcoming expenses that you wish to pay off already. You plan on paying them all off, but your budget is cut short due to the pandemic, so what do you do? Simple, the answer has been at your fingertips from the very beginning. You have your extra jewelries to pawn off, and pawn them off you shall (especially since you’re going to purchase a new one, time to get rid of the old ones). At this point, Cebuana Lhuillier has you covered. With their Pawning Service you never go wrong, because they accept an array of items, from jewelry to gadgets, as collaterals. They also lead the pawning industry by offering safety and the highest appraisal rate in the industry in its more than 2,500 branches nationwide. And did we mention that they implement some of the most secure and safest way to transact during the pandemic? Proper social distancing and disinfection procedures are followed in all branches of Cebuana Lhuillier at all times, prioritizing their customer’s health and well-being above all. Visit the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch to you now! we assure fast, easy and secure transactions!