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Remit Money To Your Loved Ones: Top 5 Essentials They Can Buy

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Based on recent statistics, over two million Filipinos work abroad. Being away from loved ones and working hard in another country is one of the things our fellow Filipinos choose to do to give a better living situation to their families. Some even do it at a very young age or after they graduate college to help fund the tuition of their siblings who are still studying.

The thought of being able to send money and grant their loved ones’ wishes from time to time brings enormous joy to our Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW). It makes them feel that all their hard work miles away from their country is worth it because they can make their families happy.

Some OFWs prefer to send a balikbayan box to their family back in the Philippines. They fill it with chocolates, toys, clothes, shoes, gadgets, and other food items they purchase in the country they are working in. In this way, they can still give presents to their family without having to fly back home.

However, not everything OFWs want to send can fit into a balikbayan box, especially pieces of furniture and big appliances. Thankfully, Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop offers Pera Padala. With this, they can now send money to the Philippines. It is a quick and reliable way of remitting money, and all our transactions are credited in realtime, allowing the receiver to claim the money as soon as the sender completes the process in the branch.

Once the money is remitted, their families can now buy things they want or need. Here are some examples of what they can spend the money on:


After saving up for a new house, appliances come after. Since some of them are too big to fit into a balikbayan box, OFWs opt to send money to the Philippines instead. In this way, their family can just shop at malls or appliance stores near their house.

In addition, others choose to send money online so their loved ones can just purchase the appliances from their phone or computer and have them delivered right at their doorstep.

Here are the essential appliances you should buy with the remittance:


Keeping your food and other groceries fresh is a must. That’s why a refrigerator should be one of the first appliances to invest in. This will also make cooking easier as you can store a week’s worth of meat and vegetables without going to the market every day.

Washing Machine

Having a washing machine can save us so much time and effort compared to handwashing our garments. This appliance can also be used to wash household linens, such as blankets and towels.


Cooking is part of our daily lives. We do it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Owning a stovetop, whether gas or electric, will definitely make everyday meal prep faster and easier.


In this digital age, we can’t help but use gadgets every day. We need them for work, study, and even entertainment. This is why they are one of the most common things families request when their loved ones ask what they want for birthdays or Christmas.

After finding the best way to send money to the Philippines, their families can now purchase the gadgets they’ve been meaning to buy. The usual devices bought right now are laptops, cellphones, computers, tablets, and so on.


Although we don’t buy clothes every day, there are special occasions when we need to purchase expensive ones that are not always included in our usual budget. Through Cebuana Pera Padala, your loved ones abroad can remit money that you can use to buy clothes for the following celebrations:


Formal gatherings like weddings require guests to wear gowns and tuxedos. These are quite expensive, so some choose to rent instead of buying new ones. Either way, a lot of money is spent on clothes during this occasion.


Aside from togas, students are required to wear formal attire during graduation. This is why OFWs send extra money to the Philippines so their loved ones can buy them, along with their chosen graduation gift.

Special Birthdays 

Celebrating debuts has always been a common local tradition. Aside from renting a party hall and bringing in caterers, another thing we spend on is gowns. Their prices are pretty steep, so allotting a budget for them is a must.


Feeding a family is not an easy thing to do. It requires a lot of money and budgeting to provide at least three meals a day. For some, they send money to the Philippines weekly to ensure that their loved ones will not run out of cash to buy groceries. There are also instances when they need to send money to the Philippines online if their previously given allowance is not enough.

After all, we can’t really limit our budget when it comes to food because it is the most essential thing we consume every day.


Every piece of furniture is an investment, which is why most of it is expensive. You can use the money your loved ones sent to buy dining tables, chairs, sofas, beds, and other items you can use for a long time.

Use Cebuana Lhuillier To Send Money to the Philippines

If you’re working abroad and you want to find the best way to send money to the Philippines, then you’re on the right track!

Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop offers a reliable money transfer service that can help you send cash to your loved ones here in the Philippines. You don’t have to worry about time, too, as all our transactions reflect instantly after the sending process is complete.

If you and your family have Micro Savings or bank accounts, you can also send money online using our eCebuana app. This is even more convenient since you don’t need to go to our branch to claim the money.

For additional information about our company and the list of services we offer, feel free to talk to us today! We’ll gladly address all your questions and concerns.