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Safety Tips in Banking

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We all go to the bank every once in a while to do a few transactions. Most of the time, we approach the ATM machines to withdraw, but sometimes, we incline towards depositing a particular amount to add to our savings. In such case, the duration of time we spend in the bank may not be that long, but those short, important moments should be spent in caution, as the safety and privacy of our money and account details should be a top priority. With that being said, here are a few banking safety tips to keep in mind:

1. Never share your account details.

This is always rule number one. Yes, there are tellers to assist you in your transactions, but remember that all bank personnel should be in proper uniform, complete with an official bank ID. If someone were to approach you offering to help, yet not in proper bank uniform, then feel free to report them to the security guard or personnel. And as much as you are in a hurry, never leave your details to someone offering to do your transactions for you. Remember that your details should be “for your eyes only,” not for anyone else.

2. Properly fall in line.

This may seem unworthy of a safety tip, but think about it, you want to make the most out of your busy schedule, and getting in the wrong line would be a waste of time. Not only that, there are people out there, “fixers” if you may call them, who would offer to do your transactions out of line in favor of you catching up to that other appointment. This is risky and should never be tolerated. If you want to finish your transactions early, at least arrive early to avoid long lines, and once you arrive, inquire which line would best assist you in your transactions.

3. Mind your belongings. Keep your cards and IDs secured.

The only time that you’d take out your cards is when you’re presenting them to the teller for verification, other than that, you should secure your items of interest in your wallet or purse. There is a reason why they’re called items of interest – others may find interest in them as well, but not in a very good way. Scams are rampant nowadays and you wouldn’t want to be next on their list.

4. Write your account details legibly on the form, and hand it only to the teller.

Keep your filled form with you at all times and don’t hand them to anyone else. Remember to write your personal info legibly so that the teller wouldn’t need to verbally clarify on them. This may be overheard and used by scammers, so make sure that your penmanship is readable by the bank teller’s standards. Also, don’t just keep them in your back pocket while in line, at least be cautious enough to hold them all throughout, folded to prevent anyone from peeking your info.

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