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Safe Driving Through the Rain

Being on the road requires concentration and focus. Anything can happen when you’re going through curves and speeding through the highway, which is why a driver’s quick decision-making and alertness is of utmost importance. With that being said, nothing is more risky than driving in the rain. Regardless of where you’re going, the fact that wheel tractions are far limited by rainwater means that you should always be vigilant and wise. Remember, your life and the safety of your passengers are on the line, and every decision made on the road should be the wisest that you’ll ever make. If you’re not sure of what to do, here are our safety driving tips during the rainy season:

1. Slow down

We understand that you’re in a hurry to get to work or to drop off your kids at school, but not slowing down during the rain attracts accidents quicker than how a flower attracts bees. Roads are far more slippery during the rainy season, as traction is reduced due to rainwater. This isn’t magic, but pure science. In such case, you may need to check your tires before leaving home, check if the tire grips are still intact, and that your brakes are working perfectly. Safety should always be your priority. Never mind being late, as long as you’d reach your destination safe and sound.

2. Turn your wipers on.

Heavy rains usually limit visibility on the road, which is why you should turn your wipers on. This may sound like a simple instruction, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people who would prefer to try their luck during the rain, and usually, it doesn’t end well for them. A clear view in front of you would allow to see cars up ahead, as well as steep curves and sudden turns. This is far more critical when you’re driving during night time. Never rely on other drivers to turn on their lights, be vigilant yourself to turn on the wipers and stay alert during the whole ordeal.

3. Hold the steering wheel firmly, with both hands.

You would need to maximize vehicle control. There is a big tendency for the roads to be slippery, so you should at least be ready to step on the brakes and make sudden turns when necessary. The thing about driving in the rain is that you’re not the only potential perpetrator when wise decisions aren’t made, as other drivers may not be too considerate as well, causing accidents which may affect you and your passengers. To avoid this, split-second decisions should be made, and since you’re the one holding the wheel, be sure you have total control of the whole situation. Make your trip safe and worry-free.

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