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How to Protect Your Home During the Rainy Season

Our homes cannot always protect itself against the forces of nature. While it may have strong foundations and impenetrable walls for the most part, the other parts may not hold up so well. This is true, especially during rainy seasons. Heavy rains can ruin a good home in a flash, and we’re not even getting to the flood part yet. In such case, you should be prepared at all times. Prevention is always better than cure, which is why here are a few important tips to protect your home during the rainy season:

1. Clean your gutters.

Leaves can accumulate in your gutters after sometime, so you should check them every often. During sunny days, take time to climb and monitor the amount of fallen leaves in your gutter. If there ise too much to be desired, then by all means, remove them. This would avoid any blockages during rainy season, and would allow rainwater to flow freely from the roof of your house down to the drains. Take note that you should also check your drains, as they could also cause flood if obstructed by leaves and dirt.

2. Check your roof for holes.

One common cause of property damage is rainwater seething through the roof. Take time to inspect your roof, and be ready with a sealant. Sturdy and waterproof sealants are fairly affordable in hardware stores, hence, why you should purchase about one or two of them. Brand name doesn’t matter, they would usually do as they are advertised, just be sure to have a few of them around, especially during rainy season. The amount you’d need to apply would depend on the size of the hole – the bigger it is, the more you’d have to squeeze out of the sealant packet. If you’re willing to spend extra, you may need to replace your roof overall.

3. Fix your windows.

Broken windows would not be able to deflect rainwater from entering your homes. Remember, you’re not just dealing with the rain itself; there are also strong winds which would blow rainwater indoors, towards your appliances. It is always advisable to close your windows at the first sign of rain, but a broken one would be as good as no windows at all. Replace the glass and jalousie if you have to, just as long as there would be something to prevent rainwater from coming in.

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