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How to Prepare Your Item for Pawning


So you’ve decided to pawn off or “sangla” your item/s online, may it be jewelry or a gadget. All is well and good, until it’s finally time for the transaction, after which you are only given a certain amount in exchange. You wonder why the price was less than what you have expected. If your guess was about the condition of the item, then you are very much correct. Pawnshops have strict rules when it comes to the items that they’d accept (and in some cases, would not at all). This means that you may have not prepared the item, well-enough to look presentable and functional. Here are a few tips to prepare your item/s for pawning:

1. Clean it well.

For jewelries, make sure that there are no markings, discolorations, and stains. Unless you’re intending to sell a gold-plated item, there should be no discoloration at all. Real gold does not have any spectrum underneath, no silver or platinum markings at all. Gadgets are much more meticulous in a way, no scratches on the screen, no cracks, and no unhinged parts (for laptops and cellphones). Wipe off the dust and show that the item has been well-taken care of.

2. Check for any damage.

Don’t attempt to pawn off a broken item, the pawnshop representative would know and are skilled in determining such functionalities. Damage in jewelries is much easier to detect, all thanks to the simple use of a magnifying glass. Gadgets are much more subtle, yet, pawnshop representatives are also trained to determine loose wires, hidden cracks, and boot looped home screens, so beware.

4. Presenting a Certificate of Authenticity.

Some jewelry comes with their very own Certificate of Authenticity. This would indicate that they are indeed real, and not “bootlegged” (market term for imitation products) versions of the real thing. This is given to a few diamond earrings, for example, and is recognized with an authentic seal.

5. Double-check the functionality.

We had mentioned working condition before, but in this case, it isn’t just about simple damages, but more on the overall functionality of the item. If the diamond is falling off the ring mount, then that is definitely damage worthy of a huge price deduction. The same goes for gadgets which may either be rendered useless or not functional at all. A cellphone which has a blank screen and a tablet which boot loops at the home screen may not be accepted at the pawnshop, so keep that in mind.

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