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Preparation in Favor of Cure

The COVID-19 vaccine is finally on its way, albeit, without any exact date. Since the first quarter of 2020, we’ve all been wondering about the existence of this wonder drug which would finally treat the high-risk virus that is COVID-19. Most of 2020 has been allocated towards the safety and protection of people around the globe, with various implementations of community quarantines within the different states and regions. While there may have been varying results among the countries, it is understandable that these quarantine measures could only do so much. There are many of us who still prefer to go outdoors, often ignoring the safety measures and going on to regret that decision once the swab test results have returned. It is quite difficult to discipline very sociable and active people, after all. In such cases, the government and LGUs have taken the extra step to lockdown any barangay that incurred an alarming amount of positive cases, and while there were some positive cases that got through the cracks, it was still somewhat of a success, slowing down the transmission while waiting for the formulation of the vaccines.

Now that the news about the vaccines had broken out, you may think that things may go smoothly from then on. Well, as much as we wouldn’t want to burst the bubble, it still wouldn’t be that simple. You see, these vaccines would still have to go through various processes and paper works in order for them to be shipped towards the Philippines. The best case scenario is that these vaccines will reach Philippine shores by the first quarter of this year. It’s either that or we’d have to wait until the third or last quarter of 2021. You may ask, “How come it would take that long? We are currently in a pandemic, everyone would need that vaccine.” Yes, you are right about that. But just think about it, even the simplest cough medicine would have to undergo various tests and paper work before it could even see the light of day and be shipped towards your local pharmacy branches. In short, we still have to wait for a while.

Of course, such delays don’t mean we’re doomed. For now, the best that we could do is to prepare our bodies for this vaccine. It may sound strange at first, but yes, before even accepting these vaccines, we should at least be aware of its side effects. As of this writing there aren’t any official word on the possible side effects yet, however, we should still be vigilant, we should still do our best to keep our body strong and healthy. Be in the know and maintain a good health, until such time that the COVID-19 vaccines would be distributed within our country. Here are just a few suggestions:

  1. Exercise
    As simple as that. We often underestimate the positive effects of exercise in our body, however, we should always remember that our blood flow should be continuous, so as our oxygen intake. Exercise would not only help us loose the pounds, it would also help us be fit. COVID-19 is fought mainly by our immune system, and as much as we’d like to reply heavily on the upcoming vaccines, it is good to know as early as now that those vaccines would only do so much. If you were to take a peek at the current count of COVID-19 cases within the country, you’ll find out that more than 400,000 people had already recovered from the dreaded virus, and that was even before the vaccines rolled out. What does that tell you? Simply put, it says so much about the wonders of our body, it says so much about our natural defenses, it says so much about how we are able to fight off the virus on our own. Of course, the number of deaths can’t be and shouldn’t be ignored, unless we want to make the same mistakes again. And we shouldn’t ignore about the treatments done by our brave doctors and nurses as well, a main reason why hospital beds are almost fully occupied nowadays. The thing is, these treatments can only assist the immune system in fighting off the virus, but just like the incoming COVID-19 vaccines, they could only do so much. Just imagine if your immune system was already compromised long before the virus even entered the country, your chances of surviving would drastically go down once it finally reaches Philippine waters, and indeed, the numbers and data doesn’t lie. Be fit, be strong, and exercise.

  2. Eat Healthy Meals
    This may sound like an elementary school lesson, but keep in mind that there’s a reason why we’ve been taught to eat our vegetables and fruits since our younger years. Even the scolding that we got from our parents due to us fending off our healthy servings of green, leafy vegetables actually has a very practical reason behind it. Vegetables have always been the main instigator of good health, add fruits to that and you’ve got a powerful tag-team that would serve as an armor for your immune system. The best thing about fruits and vegetables is that they can often be mixed and matched, depending on the delicacy that you are about to prepare. You can even add a couple of sauces and dressings to emphasize the taste of these wonderful root crops and leaves. You can cook them or eat them raw, it doesn’t matter, as long as you wouldn’t ignore or cross them out of your daily intake.
  3. Follow All the Safety Protocols
    Prevention will always be better than cure. A couple of news outlets are already estimating the vaccine prices, and so far, their estimates haven’t come cheap. In such case, why not save yourself (and your budget) from predicament by following all of the social distancing and quarantine rules. Yes, they are very limiting, yes, they aren’t fun to follow at all, but just because they have both of those qualities doesn’t mean that they would do you any harm. It’s the complete opposite, as a matter of fact. These safety measure and implementations are here to stay in order to save you from the virus, and they will remain to stay until such time that the virus has finally been eradicated. For now, sit tight, be safe, and do your best to stay healthy.

And that’s about it. Of course, these are just some of the suggestions, with regards to preparing your body for the vaccine. The government may have more guidelines and tips for the foreseeable future, so keep your eyes peeled for now. With all of these in mind, it may be no surprise that you’re looking for ways to further protect your family’s future and well-being while waiting for the vaccine. The current pandemic has taught us to be vigilant and prepared, and indeed, it is a lesson we will put to heart. If you’re still weighing your options, then look no further than Cebuana Lhuillier’s Microinsurance Services. It offers affordable insurance products that enable Filipinos to avail financial services and privileges that higher-income earners have easy access to. Aside from that, it also features innovative microinsurance products and services that promise to minimize the impact of distress and misfortune on one’s financial position. Feel free to visit the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch near you for more information.