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Precious Gifts for your Precious Ones: Affordable Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones this Christmas Season

Our loved ones are the most precious ones in our lives. No material thing may ever replace them, no gold, no diamond, no silver may ever take their place. Indeed, irreplaceable are our parents, brothers, sisters, and even our best of friends. This Christmas season, we have the opportunity to let them know how important they are to us. We have the opportunity to give them something that would always tell them that they have a spot in our hearts, that we are thankful for them, that they matter. Of course, some, if not many, are able to show their greatest appreciation by gifts worth more than anyone can imagine. There are those who can afford gifting their loved ones with gifts which are above a few hundred, some are even way above thousands. atters most. But what if you do not have the budget to do that? What if you’re running on low funds due to the accumulated expenses of this Yuletide season? Do you simply give up on the notion of giving your loved ones something nice? Of course not! There are always alternatives to gifting a gift worth a thousand words (and thousand Pesos more), and you have all the resources in the world to do just that. Here are just a few affordable gift ideas for the holiday season:

1.) Get creative. Make the gift!

Arts in crafts will always be a part of humanity. Since the beginning of time, people have appreciated art, in many forms and sizes. In the ancient times, Pharaohs would order their loyal subjects to adorn the pyramids with ornaments and writings, kings would demand a few golden cups be laden out in on their gigantic dining table, and emperors would require huge scrolls of writings on their stylishly-built houses. Indeed, up to this very day, art has been one of the most fascinating things that humans have set their eyes upon. For the Pharaohs, kings, and emperors of your life (simply put, your loved ones), why not create something very creative and presentable this Christmas season. There are thousands of artsy gifts you may give that wouldn’t break your bank account. You have your paper mache sculptures, your homemade greeting cards, your folding doll houses, etc. And all that you need for these art projects would be a few pieces of paper, glue, and scissors. Add a touch of color, if you may. Paint the paper mache sculpture to your heart’s content, combine a blend of light colors for a much cheerful item. Go crazy with the smiley faces and emoji designs if you think your loved ones would have a laugh in the ev nnd. Or even paint a few stars, flowers, and hand prints if they prefer a much ordinary layout. If paint isn’t really your thing but still prefer to add color to your item then at least try using one of those glitter glues. They come in different colors, red, blue, yellow, green, your usual color wheel content. Just spread a few on the surface of your art project, and then let it settle for about twenty to thirty minutes. Set it in front of an electric fan if you want to speed up the drying process. It would have a glossy surface, littered with glitters of different colors

2.) Don’t mind the brand, mind the quality.

Well-known brands will always be costlier than those which are lesser known. The common belief is that, the more expensive they are, the higher their quality and durability is. Of course, that’s mostly true as their manufacturing machines are top grade and would produce nothing less of a perfect product. Millions are spent on their manufacturing machines, so understandably, the result should be as durable as any other tough material in the world, may it be clothes, shoes, bags, etc. Now, if that’s the case for well-known brands, how about those which names are almost unrecognizable in the market? Well, there are a few items sold in your local stores which are categorized to be substandard, apparels or items which would not last a whole year or two. Perhaps they are very much identifiable according to their country of origin (you know what we’re referring to). But the thing is, not all unfamiliar brands are included in this category of substandard items. Some lesser-known brands are top notch, durable, and would give well-known brands a run for their money. Aside from that, they are also very affordable. Unfamiliar as they are, brands which are of high quality yet cheaper are worthy of your attention. The thing is, why buy an expensive item which can break your budget, if you can buy two or three of those same items for a much lower price. Quality is always better than quantity, of course, but if you are given the opportunity to attain both then much as well grab it.

3.) Pre-loved items are always a go-to alternatives.

Do you have an item at home which is still in mint condition, yet, mostly unused? There are a couple of times in which our loved ones would have the same idea, with regards to our favorites and interest, and then they’d gift us with the same item, twice. You may use one of them, but completely ignore the other. In such case, why clutter your home with multiple items if you can just give them to your loved ones. May it be a toaster, a powerbank, a mini fan, or even a Bluetooth speaker, these items may accumulate overtime as they are some of the most common choices of holiday gifts, and the people giving you gifts may have the same idea after all. Of course, you still have to be careful when giving pre-loved items, as you may forget the vital detail of the recipient being the one who actually gave you the pre-loved item in the first place.

Take note that these are just a few tips to get ahead of the game, in terms of affordable gifting ideas this Yuletide season, and you may encounter more valuable tips along the way. The thing is, no matter how much you limit your budget, things may still end up getting short, and you’d have to look for financials elsewhere. Take it from us, borrowing cash from other people is no joke. Perhaps you are much safer pawning off a few items in exchange for cash. A high appraisal would at least guaranty you a fair return, providing that well needed cash for buying affordable gifts and Christmas treats.

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