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Pawning Protection: Pawning Around the World and the Red Flags against Scams

Scams are everywhere. Not only are they limited to financial transactions, they’ve also entered the world of marketing, networking, and even after-sales. Scams may come in many forms, some you may have already heard of from your local evening news, while others are still under wraps, with assailants proving to be too much of a burden to the authorities. The thing about scams is that their effectivity and execution would rely on how less the victim knows. Those who are not knowledgeable about these modern modus operandi are more likely to be tricked by assailants. The same goes for people who are not cautious and vigilant in their everyday transactions.

There are already countless cases of scams around the world, and one major establishment isn’t safe from unscrupulous people either, namely, the pawnshop. You may not heard of it much, but yes, there are cases in which people fell victim to pawnshop scams before, perhaps banking scandals and the likes of “budol-budol” are more rampant, hence why they get reported more than these pawnshop escapades. Nonetheless, they exists, which is why you should be as vigilant as ever when undergoing a transaction inside a pawnshop. A few are just mere examples of cases from around the world, and the perfect opportunities and preparations you should undergo in order to avoid them.

The Proxy Method Scam

Ever had an item in your hand that you wanted to pawn off? Well, the most practical thing to do would be to visit your nearest pawnshop and to pawn them off straight away, right? Well, that’s the most straightforward way to do it, sure, you’d have to allot time and fare money in order to reach the pawnshop, but the return is always higher, especially if you’re going for a pawnshop with a high appraisal record. Now, there are those who, unfortunately, would rather take the easy way out. Some would be too lazy or reluctant to speak to the pawnshop authorities, so much that there are scammers who would offer to do the transaction for you, somewhat of a pawning proxy. The thing is, they would approach you, offer to pawn off your item, and promise to come back with the whole amount. They’d ask for a very small percentage in exchange for the service well done. This may seem convenient and wise at first, but remember, there is always a catch. Not only would these scammers cheat you out of your items with false promises, they would also run off with the amount. It’s as if you gave them permission to rob you, and you were very much in on the act as well. Avoid talking to people that you do not know outside the pawnshop branches and instead, transact with authorized pawnshop personnel.

The Fake Gold Scam

With this modus, not only are you the victim of the scam, but you’re the proxy to the crime as well. A news story from years ago reported that a man from the province was approached by people calling themselves as “treasure hunters.” He was then shown a huge chunk of gold, after which, he was told to find a buyer in exchange for a commission. The chunk of gold was drilled in front of him in order to prove that such an item was authentic. They gave him the gold, but asked a particular amount as a guaranty that he would return to them with the sale. Normally, a pawnshop would be the wisest choice to approach and transact with on this matter, so the man did exactly just that. But after reaching the pawnshop, the pawnbroker was able to test out the authenticity of the item, and it turns out that it was fake. It might have been a harmless transaction if it weren’t for two things: a) the victim gave a particular amount to the scammers as guaranty money, so he already lost a lot in this case. b) he could be sued as an accessory to the crime, as giving a fake item to the pawnshop is definitely against the law. It’s one thing to be scammed out of money, but it’s another to be used as an accessory to the crime. Don’t fall for this mess. Avoid interacting with people claiming to be the source of instant commissions and opportunities. If it’s too good to be true, well, it usually is.

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