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Pawning 101: 4 Factors that Affect a Gadget’s Appraisal Rate

Money problems aren’t reserved for a single generation. Everybody, from Baby Boomers, to Gen Xers, to Millennials, has likely experienced the need for more funds, whether it’s for their family, career, or education. There are several methods to address this problem. In the Philippines, one of the quickest and most convenient way is pawning.

However, not every generation is sufficiently equipped to use this service. Most Millennials don’t really own genuine jewelry, the go-to item to pawn. Instead, they have gadgets.

While admittedly not as valuable as jewelry, gadgets can also help you get some quick cash when in a bind. Just make sure you know what to look out for when you plan on pawning away your gadget.


If somebody asks, “What is the best smartphone brand in the market?” you’ll likely answer “iPhone!” or if you’re an Android user “Samsung!”

Because of their history, branding and strong media presence, their names are the most likely to pop up when you think of smartphones. Similarly, when consumers start shopping for a phone, these brands are likely the first ones they’ll check.

When bringing a gadget to a pawnshop, the first thing the appraiser will notice is the brand.

Unlike jewelry, brands matter when appraising gadgets. They carry a name and a certain type of prestige. They are also easier to appraise because their initial value can easily be found online. Not to mention, brand name items are easier to sell should a pawner default on their loan.

In short, a well-known branded item can fetch a higher appraisal rate than an unknown branded item.


The price jump from an iPhone 8 (₱39,490) to an 8S (₱45,990) is huge. The difference between them? The screen sizes and the camera.

Having seen the difference between two phones from the same generation, you can only imagine how big the jump is from one of the older models (Hint: iPhone 7 – ₱28,990, iPhone 7S – ₱36,990). Similarly, other brands and gadgets follow the same trend, though not to such an exaggerated manner (Vivo V11 – ₱19,999.00, Vivo V9 – ₱17,990.00).

Model also affects functionality. A general rule in technology is that newer releases will always have better specifications than their older counterparts. This increases their functionality, and therefore their value.

The newer and higher the gadget model is, the more money you can get for it. Note that this trend works inversely as well; as tech companies churn out new phones and laptops each year, your gadget’s value depreciates the older it gets.


Outside of the original value of your item, another thing to consider is its condition when you bring it to a shop to pawn. Is it clean without any scratches and dents or is the screen cracked? Does your laptop run like a dream or does it take forever to start up?

Pawnbrokers will test your gadget before giving an appraisal. No matter what brand it is or how new your item is, it’s useless if it’s broken.


As a counterpoint to the second factor, model, it is possible to pawn a few older model gadgets for a decent amount of money. That is if the model itself is out of production and a collector’s item. For example, certain game consoles release special editions, and pawning these will likely fetch you higher price due to its rarity.

As always when it comes to pawning, the appraisal will also depend on the pawnshop you go to. Cebuana Lhuillier’s Pawning Service offers an appraisal rate of up to 30% higher than other pawnshops. They also accept a wide array of items, from jewelry to gadgets, as collateral. So if you’re in need of some quick cash, visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch now – for a fast, easy and secure transaction.