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“No Visit November”: Alternate Ways to Connect with Your Loved Ones during the Pandemic

Due to the pandemic, we had to change up many things in our lives. The things that we used to do before on a daily basis admittedly had to be changed, in order for us to survive. When something as serious as a virus demands utter care and attention, there is no choice but to follow all of the safety protocols. This current pandemic is no different, apparently. While there are still those who prefer to ignore the devastating impact of COVID-19, the majority of us are very much aware of the countless lives which were taken away by this horrendous virus. Which is why we are living our lives in the “new normal,” a much stricter, precautious, and paranoia-inducing routine that we are all trapped in. One of the many things which underwent major change was the way we connected with other people. Due to the fact that the virus is transmitted via droplets and skin contact, it is only understandable that social distancing measures were put in place. For introverts, this is a blessing in disguise, but for the majority of our community who are very much social butterflies, this is nothing but an obstacle which limits our social life.

If you belong in the latter category, we understand how you feel. No more social gatherings, no more parties, no more family reunions, you get the picture. We do have good news for you though. There are actually alternatives to meeting your family, friends, and loved ones, and the best thing about this is that you wouldn’t even have to leave the comfort of your home. With the advent of technology, everyone now has the ability to connect with others with just a few clicks of a virtual button. This write up is a checklist of things you can do in order to connect with your loved ones during the quarantine period, wherever they may be. Keep in mind that the following tips were written assuming that you already have the necessary tools to connect, so if you may lack one of the major communications tools, feel free to explore other options.

  1. Be Online
    Everyone wants to trend nowadays. Everyone has their very own social media account, filled with their long list of friends and acquaintances. The thing about modern technology is that we often take it for granted, we often open our phones and computers and leave off reading a couple of messages from our families, friends, and loved ones. Sometimes, we even forget to reply towards their warm greetings, a trait that the majority seemed to have developed over the course of social media’s fame (or infamy). Nowadays, however, whenever you’d receive a notification, you’re the very first to click for any hope of hearing from a close relative, hoping that the message they entail brings nothing but good news. The same can be said about messages from your friends and colleagues, hoping that none of them were infected by the benevolent virus. Indeed, every chat or message notification is now worth gold, hoping to tempt in a potential surge of cheery news about a solid vaccine or cure against the rampant virus, either that or you just really want to be updated from time to time about the conditions and wellbeing of the people that matter to you. Be that as it may, the internet had brought people together over the decade, and now is no different.

  2. Stay on the Line
    Well, if you’re old-fashioned, you may connect with your loved ones via telephone. Even before cellphones and the internet were invented, we all communicated through the telephone. Here in the Philippines, there is no doubt that we were once avid followers of this somewhat fading trend, we even have a term for it, “telebabad.” This doesn’t mean that telephones have gone out of fashion though, as we still have them packaged with our internet connection, all provided by our local communication providers. Now, you may ask, would it still be practical to call or communicate this way? Wouldn’t it hinder our message in one way or the other? Quite frankly, no. Telephones enable us to communicate with our voice, so the person on the other line would still be able to determine the emotions we wish to convey. After all, getting in touch with others doesn’t just entail conveying the main message itself, it’s how we prefer to convey that message that matters most. The enthusiasm of your voice, the worry, and even the sadness would be enough to let your loved ones know that you care about them more than ever.
  3. Dust Off the Keypad
    There used to be a time when touchscreen phones were non-existent. Yes, communication devices are very much developed nowadays, you can bet that even your old-fashioned neighbor at least has the most affordable brand of a touchscreen phone. However, a few decades ago, we all relied on keypad phones. The only screen available to these phones were the ones lit up by a green LED light, accompanied by the “clicky” buttons of embossed letters and numbers, made durable by a tough, plastic material, all compact and durable during its lifetime. If you’re feeling a bit too nostalgic, then by all means, go for keypad cellphones. There’s nothing wrong with going old-fashioned, after all, isn’t that the main purpose of a compact phone? Feel free to communicate and express your love and concern towards the people that matters most.

These are just some of the ways to communicate with your loved ones without going outdoors. Not only is it safer, it is also more affordable than taking the risk with the rampant virus. Now, speaking of safety, we’re sure that you uphold the same high standard when it comes to the safety of your finances. During the time of the pandemic, one of your main goals is to save, and indeed, you have a well-trusted name to help you out with that. Look no further than Cebuana Lhuillier Rural Bank’s Micro Savings product. At its core, it aims to provide easier banking access to all Filipinos. The product is almost the same with any regular savings account in the Philippines, but doesn’t require a maintaining balance. It is also streamlined across all Cebuana Lhuillier branches as its cash agent, so you’d be able to experience the same wonderful Microsavings service without missing a beat. For more information, feel free to visit the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier now!