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Mag-Pera Padala: Emergency Essentials Your Loved Ones Can Buy

Mag-Pera Padala Using Cebuana Lhuillier’s Money Transfer Services


As various parts of the Philippines are hit by multiple strong typhoons all year round, many Filipino families are left with no house, clothes, or food. Most of the affected population does not anticipate the destruction that a typhoon would bring and is left unprepared for the resulting challenges.

With all the debilitating and unforeseen events, including the calamities and COVID-19 surge, more and more overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) are worried about their loved ones in the Philippines. Being away from their friends and family in the country only heightens the uneasiness they feel.

To help as much as they can, some OFWs send money online or through money transfer services so that their loved ones can prepare emergency kits and essentials for sudden and unavoidable happenings they may encounter in the future.

At Cebuana Lhuillier, we are dedicated to being your partner and helping you get your funds to your loved ones safely. We offer one of the best money transfer services in the Philippines, and we can quickly get your hard-earned money to your families so they can prepare their emergency essentials at home.

As soon as the money is remitted, they can assemble the following items:

Health Kits 

There are many reasons why health or first-aid kits should be a staple emergency essential in every household. These collections of supplies and equipment are highly beneficial and can temporarily stop or alleviate common injuries while waiting for paramedics or rescuers to get to you.

It is also easy to gather different things for your kit. After sending money through online money transfer services like the eCebuana app, your loved ones can simply purchase some of the essentials online, so they don’t have to go out just to buy them.

Basic Kits 

Here are the common things health experts recommend to put in your health kit:


  • Bandage Strips
  • Adhesives Tapes or Duct Tapes
  • Cotton Balls and Swabs
  • Alcohol and Hydrogen Peroxide


COVID-19 Kits 

Additionally, to customize your health kit into a COVID-19 care kit, you can add the following:


  • Digital Thermometer
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Paracetamol
  • Disposable gloves and masks


With all of these in your kit, you can be a bit more confident when facing calamities, emergencies, or illnesses. It is also recommended to add more things you think your family members may need, such as special allergy medications, prescribed antibiotics, and maintenance pills.

Masks and PPEs 

Wearing a face mask is now a standard protocol when going outside or entering public facilities. Additionally, personal protective equipment is required when undergoing certain medical or personal procedures.


The effectiveness of both protective gears is proven and backed by various health organizations, including the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.


Grocery Supplies 

OFWs deserve the best international money transfer service when sending their loved ones cash to buy groceries. Nowadays, restrictions are placed to help regulate the spread of the coronavirus disease, and people are advised not to go out often. Stocking up on food, bathroom products, and other essentials is recommended to minimize exposure to possible cases.


In addition, when COVID-positive patients are admitted to quarantine facilities, they would need bags of grocery supplies to get through their self-isolation period. Having a reliable partner for money transfer services like Cebuana Lhuillier will help the patients’ loved ones send money smoothly and quickly.



You can add your medicinal supplies to your health kits, but it is preferable to assemble a separate medicine cabinet or pouch for them to organize your medicines according to their uses.


The most important kinds of medication you should have are:



This medicine works as a pain reliever for adults, and per the American Heart Association, it can help people when they experience a heart attack.



Acetaminophen is a non-steroidal drug that reduces inflammation caused by different injuries you might encounter during typhoons, fires, and so on.



Allergic reactions can happen anytime, and antihistamines are the most effective drugs against them. Most antihistamines are taken orally, and in some cases, there are also creams that can be applied directly to the body part affected.


Once you have collected all of these in your medicine box, make sure to consult a doctor or research the proper dosage instructions for each medication. Every pill has different effects, so it is best to review them one by one to be able to use them appropriately.



Having clean and sterile surroundings is a must. Most people nowadays carry alcohol sprays and sanitizers even when they are simply going out for errands. Purchasing disinfectants and making sure we have plenty of alcohol or hand sanitizer at home can ensure that you have the tools needed to sterilize your surroundings.

To find the best disinfecting agents, you must consider the following factors:



Each disinfectant has a different effectivity. When diluted in water, alcohol can be a great protectant against a wider range of bacteria. Meanwhile, the ones containing chlorine compounds effectively kill highly resistant viruses and remove other bodily fluids.


Kill Time 

The typical kill time for disinfecting agents ranges from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Other cleaning supplies that claim to kill bacteria longer than that should remain wet on a surface to be actively working.


Ease of Use 

Most of the disinfectants sold now are pretty easy to use. Many of them are sprayable, dilutable in water, or appliable on surfaces. Uncomplicated application is an important factor since cleaning infected areas should be done quickly and as easily as possible.



Investing in an oxygen tank will also help you become more prepared for specific emergencies. Since the pandemic started, the demand for this equipment has increased to 1.1 million cylinders in third-world countries alone. Having one can be a total lifesaver, especially when there are confirmed COVID-positive members in the family. However, buying a brand-new one can be a bit pricey.

With the eCebuana app, you can save money and send more to your family so they can secure an emergency essential right away.


Mag-Pera Padala Using Cebuana Lhuillier Money Transfer Services 

Hard times like calamities and pandemics call for convenient, safe, and quick money transfer services like the one we offer at Cebuana Lhuillier. Having a reliable partner that you can trust to get your money to your families is a big sigh of relief in these situations.

Send your money online now, and we’ll make sure your loved ones can get it in no time. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or concerns, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.