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Money Transfer App: Send Cash to Your Loved Ones Anytime and Anywhere

Woman conveniently using Cebuana Lhuillier’s money transfer app on smartphone to send funds


In the Philippines, there are a lot of people who move to urbanized towns or cities to find better employment opportunities. Their main drive is to provide their families and loved ones with a more comfortable life, so a huge chunk of their salary will be sent back home.

It’s always a challenge to find reliable financial institutions that offer convenience and security when it comes to money transfers. Thankfully, Cebuana Lhuillier is here to help process such transactions. We have over 2,500 branches nationwide, so finding an establishment near you is easy. However, if visiting any of the branches is pretty inconvenient for you, downloading a money transfer app like eCebuana might be beneficial.

Why You Need a Money Transfer App

Money transfer refers to the movement of funds from one person to another. It can be done in the traditional way, which involves going to a financial establishment and completing the money transfer transaction there. Today, there are safer and more convenient ways to do it, like using apps.

Many people are learning how to send money through apps, and it’s pretty easy to do so. In many cases, you can complete the transaction with just a few taps on your mobile device, and the person who is supposed to receive the money will get it instantly.

When using money transfer apps, be sure that you have a stable internet connection to ensure that the transaction will be processed efficiently. Additionally, you should know the information of the person receiving the funds. Double-check if you have typed the right account name and number in the spaces provided. If those details are correct, the receiver will surely get the money you’ve sent them.

What Can Money Transfer Apps Do?

These mobile applications are becoming increasingly popular nowadays because of the number of things they can do. The best money transfer apps have plenty of useful features that benefit users in terms of convenience, security, and reliability.

When choosing a mobile app to download, make sure that it can do the following:

Check Your Account Balance 

Access to your account is one of the most basic things any financial app can do. You can view your account balance, too, and check your last few transactions. This gives you an idea of how your money moved over the last few months and helps you remember if you have sent or received any funds to or from anyone.

Being able to check your account balance is beneficial for your money’s safety, as well. It allows you to see if someone accessed your account and transferred large amounts of cash without your knowing. If this ever happens, be sure to alert your service provider to see what they can do to help you.

Process Money Transfers 

As obvious as it may sound, money transfer apps should allow you to transfer funds from one account to another. There is a limit to the amount that you can send or receive, but nevertheless, this feature offers quite a lot of convenience since you no longer have to visit any establishment to make money transfer transactions. It’s safe for you, as well, because you don’t have to carry a large amount of cash outside and potentially attract people who want to steal from you.

It should be noted that fund transfers should still work if you send money to another bank. This specific transaction sometimes entails paying a minimal fee, which will be deducted from your account.

Of course, you should be able to receive money from another bank, as well. For this transaction, the fees will be paid by the person who sent you the funds.

Help Avoid Fraud 

Financial frauds are illegal activities that involve taking money from someone through acts of deception. They are sometimes called scams, too, and falling victim can cause anyone to lose large sums of money. In money cases, thousands of pesos are stolen by the culprits, and that amount may no longer be retrieved.

So, if you’re choosing a money transfer app from your phone’s marketplace, be sure to check for options that help you avoid fraud. The app should detect any unusual activities in your account (like large money transfers); if there are any, you should be alerted through a notification or text message.

Other Financial Activities 

Money transfer apps should help you perform other kinds of financial transactions besides those listed above. Some applications allow you to open an account, which is highly convenient because you no longer have to visit the establishment to do this activity. All you have to do is fill out an online form and submit all the electronic documents being asked of you.

Some apps even offer other kinds of conveniences. There are options that allow you to buy various financial products, like electronic load for your phone or even insurance for yourself or your vehicle. There usually are minimal discounts or promos for such products if you purchase them through the app, so it’s a good idea if you want to save even just a few pesos.

Download the eCebuana App Today!

When you visit the marketplace for mobile apps, you’ll be surprised by the number of money transfer apps available. You might find it hard to decide and opt for just one, but we can make that task easier for you!

Choose the eCebuana app from Cebuana Lhuillier. This app can make every financial transaction easier since it allows you to access your micro savings account and transfer and receive funds to another account holder. Additionally, this app is incredibly safe and reliable, so you can expect it to function well, especially during times of emergency.

Our lines are open if you have questions about the eCebuana app. Feel free to get in touch with us to ask for assistance.