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Mid-Year Checkpoint? Are you Financially on Track?


It’s the middle of the year already. You must have planned on your financial goals when the year began—but can you honestly say that you’re still on track? Are you moving away or closer from reaching your goals?
It’s a good time to sit down on these goals and check your financial situation. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Check your budget

Did you craft a budget plan for the year? How good have you been in planning your expenses and savings? Are you meeting your targets for the year?

Reevaluate your budget plan and see if you need to adjust. Do you need to cut some of your expenses? Do you need to create more income?

  • Review your debts and loans

Did you borrow money from anyone? Or, have you been able to pay off your loans or credit card bills? Review these responsibilities and craft a plan on how to pay off all the money you owe if any.

  • Calculate your net worth

Your net worth is the total of your assets minus the total of your debts.  An asset is anything you own that has a monetary equivalent—this includes your money in the bank, the value of your car, and even your investments. On the other hand, your debts encompass everything you’ve borrowed. Do you have existing bank loans? Did you borrow money from someone? Calculate all these. Is your net worth negative or positive?


Whatever the results of your evaluation are, remember that there’s always room for improvement. If you find that you’re doing well, then why not explore how you can make your financial situation even better? Financial planning is all about having a clear vision and having the commitment to stick to your goals. Be creative about it. Good luck!