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Looking To Invest Your Micro Savings? Here Are Some Ideas for Your Next Business Venture

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Starting a new business can be scary. Aside from researching to ensure that there’s enough demand for the product or service you’re planning to sell, you have to consider the start-up costs of your new venture. You need to ask yourself various questions, including: Will my shop have a physical location? Do I need to hire staff members? How do I market my store to gain more customers?

However, it can also be exciting as it is nerve-racking since this can be your first step towards financial independence. Having your own business also lets you control your lifestyle and schedule. Now, you won’t have to clock in at 8AM because you have the power to decide what time you want to start working.

Here is a list of low-investment business ideas that are great for those who’ve saved up to make a small yet impressive capital:

Sari-Sari Store 

It isn’t too uncommon for moms to tell their kids to run to the sari-sari store to buy soy sauce, vinegar, or any other condiment for them. This usually happens when parents realize that they’ve run out of a specific ingredient while they’re cooking. On sunny afternoons, kids of all ages can also be seen buying soft drinks and chips as their merienda.

Sari-sari stores are family-run convenience stores that can be found on almost every street corner in the Philippines. Their products range from candies and crackers to condiments and sauces.

These small establishments are a great source of income because of how accessible they are. Instead of going to the grocery store, people can buy from these mom-and-pop shops and save themselves the time and hassle of traveling and waiting in line.


Another good business idea is a carinderia. Some people also call these establishments turo-turo because of the distinct way that customers choose their food. Instead of reading off a menu and saying what you want to eat, people simply point at the viands they wish to have and choose based on the food’s appearance.

Various workers visit these small eateries throughout the day because of the affordable prices of their meals. In fact, this is why these establishments can often be seen nearby office buildings or government institutions.

Plus, if you have a passion for cooking, this is definitely for you! You’ll have the opportunity to create different dishes daily and experiment with flavors that you’ve never had the chance to before.

Online Shop 

With the number of people ordering different items through the internet because of discounts and vouchers, why not ride the wave and establish your very own online shop? You have the option to become a reseller of clothes, makeup, skincare products, video games, and electronics!

All you need to do is find a reliable source to get all your products and understand the rules and regulations for selling on the platform you’ll be on. That’s really all there is to it! Once you’re fully registered on the website or application, you can now advertise your business through your social media accounts.

Don’t be shy! Make sure to encourage your friends to purchase from you if you already have the item they’re looking for.


Investing in a motorcycle enables you to become a delivery rider. If you want to help people bring different items from one location to another, you need to keep in mind that you can either be freelance or tied with a courier service.

The former is a bit trickier since you need to find an establishment looking for a rider to send their products to their customers regularly. Smaller establishments, such as restaurants that aren’t on food delivery applications, usually employ such workers.

As for the latter, you must remember that a portion of your earnings per day would have to go to the company you are working for. However, don’t let this discourage you since there are stories about riders who earn more than the usual office employee.


This motorized vehicle is a common sight in the Philippines. Along with jeepneys, tricycles are one of the most customary modes of transportation we use to get to places. Families or groups of friends would hail one, so they don’t have to walk to the church or mall.

Unlike other public transportation vehicles, tricycles have a smaller range when it comes to where they can drop people off. They can usually take their passengers only within the barangay where their Tricycle Operators and Drivers’ Association is located.

The price of each ride would depend on how far the place you want to go is from the tricycle terminal. However, keep in mind that the base price, as well as the additional rate for every kilometer, would depend on which city you’re in.

Laundry Shop 

Another good business idea is setting up a laundry shop. Since there is now an abundance of professionals who have very little free time, tenants who live in apartments, and students temporarily residing in dormitories, these establishments have slowly become popular over the years.

A few techniques you can use to stand out from other similar businesses is to invest in a comfortable waiting area for customers. You can also offer delivery services on top of loyalty programs that people can significantly benefit from.


Although we’ve already mentioned a few on this list, there are still tons of opportunities out there you can use to start your very own business. You just need to know the right places to look for.

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For additional information about our company and what we offer, feel free to get in touch with us today! We look forward to hearing from you.