Micro loans

We create value to customers through a simple application process, easy terms, and less requirements, cutting long lines and long waiting time.

Our network of more than 2,200 branches nationwide and online presence give customers unlimited access and utter convenience in applying for a loan. Our five-point application to disbursement process ensures services are delivered on time.

Multi-purpose loans offered to registered entities such as tricycle operators, credit cooperatives and other groups, as well as SMEs such as restaurant and mini groceries, among other businesses.




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Multi-purpose loan amounting to Php 5,000 offered to any individual who is employed, self-employed, student, or a remittance beneficiary.

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Q: What is Happy Loan?

A: Happy loan is an unsecured and fast cash loan amounting to Php 5,000 at 5% interest per month plus a 4% service charge per availment, payable in 3 months.

Q: Who are eligible to avail?

A: Any individual with source of income (employed, self-employed, remittance, allowances & pension) and falls within the age bracket of 21-65 years old and has passed the company's credit scoring guidelines.

Q: What are the requirements to avail?

A: Requirements vary depending on the source of income. The common requirement for all types of borrowers are the (1) 1 valid government issued photo-bearing ID and (2) Proof of billing. The proof of income for salaried applicants is a pay-slip (atleast 1 full month); for self-employed — ITR or sales records or bank statements; for remittance receivers — remittance slips/bank statements; and for pensioners – proof of entitlement or bank

Q: Where can I avail?

A: Happy Loans is now available nationwide.

Q: How will I know if I am approved or disapproved?

A: CLFC will directly call applicants to inform whether the application is approved or disapproved. You will also receive an SMS indicating your release code once approved.

Q: Where will I claim the proceeds of my loan?

A: Proceeds are collected at the pawnshop where you applied. Just present the following:
1. Valid ID
2. Release code sent to you via SMS.
Q: Does the approval have a validity period?
A: Yes, approved loans are valid up to 7 days only, after that, loan is revoked or cancelled.

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Gadgets Loan is a secured and fast cash loan solution that uses smart phones, tablets or laptops as collaterals only on a 1 month term.

Brands accepted:

Smart phones: All smart phone brands are accepted


  • Apple
  • Asus
  • Huawei
  • Samsung
  • Sony


  • Acer
  • Dell
  • HP
  • Lenovo

*Select models only

Cebuana Lhuillier Gadgets Loan


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