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Making the Most of What You Have: Utilizing Your Current Resources to Open Up Opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic impacted 2020 in ways which we were not able to imagine. People lost their lives; many lost their jobs, for others, their livelihood. The virus reached Philippine shores during the first quarter of the year and the impact it made, the lives it affected will forever be marked with the traumatic occurrences of this year. As of today, Filipinos are doing everything they can to recover, to rise against the hardships that were the result of COVID-19. Bayanihan is a development today, people are helping each other, reaching out to those who are in need, but even that would not be enough, due to the fact that even the ones handing out help are part of the huge population who were under the virus’ grasp. In such cases, the instinct of self-preservation and survival would kick off, urging you to try alternatives when it comes to making the most out of your remaining resources. You have money, food, water, whatever you have left in order to survive, and you need to use them wisely in order to get through these trying times.

Now, being wise about consuming your remaining resources (may it be time, money, or supplies) is not an easy thing to organize. Remember, there are other factors which may affect your budget, and these factors may become obstacles along the way, which is why preparation should go hand in hand with strategy. For the most part, you have your life experiences to help you out in forming a good plan, but just in case you still seem to miss a few important bits, we’ve prepared a couple of tips to push you forward towards a brighter and bountiful tomorrow.

  1. Manage your time wisely.
    Out of all the resources that you have right now, time is definitely gold. You might have come across news which highlights the importance of our high-ranking authorities in making efficient strategies while the virus hasn’t yet reached its peak. While this was disappointingly handled, with the restrictions and regulations being set in place a bit too late, you yourself have the opportunity to avoid doing the very same mistake. Our daily life mostly relies on schedule and habits, and it’s about time for you to stick to your schedule, making sure that you would not be distracted by unnecessary things. Going out for groceries, for example, would require you to travel and spend a couple of hours buying the things you’d need for the week. If you set your alarm to an earlier time, you could avoid crowd and the traffic getting to your nearest grocery. You might say, “That’s it? Just so I could avoid the crowd?” Well, think about it, you would not be able to practice social distancing if you were to arrive at the grocery store late. You might be at risk in doing so, hence, signifying the importance of planning out your outdoor activities the day before, which means that you should schedule a quick, safe, and efficient way to accomplish all your errands before you get stuck with the crowd. Managing your time also means that you would be able to do a lot more for the day. You don’t need to cram in order to accomplish work or other personal activities. This is very important during the time of the pandemic, as our every step is further complicated by quarantine methods.
  2. Manage your resources wisely.
    This includes your food, water, and electricity. Of course, electricity never runs out, so as with your water supply, but moderating their use would definitely land you a smaller bill. The economy has made things tougher for everyone, hence, if you think paying your bills was already tough before, you can be sure that the price to pay has gone way up right now. Even the prices of groceries have gone up without a hitch. COVID-19 made everything cost more than it already is, a pack of biscuits, a can of sardines, a set of cup noodles, you name it. We haven’t even dwelled on your current employment status yet. Many have lost their jobs, with companies closing down or becoming bankrupt due to the restrictions set in place as a result of COVID-19. If you happen to find yourself in the same situation, then the more reason for you to use your current resources wisely. You can’t overspend (money), you can’t overindulge (water and electricity), and you can’t overeat (food and other supplies) your way out of the pandemic, so you have to think hard about utilizing them. One great way of consuming them wisely is to practice the partition method. In terms of money, you can budget and segregate the amount to fit your whole week or month. For water and electricity, you may abide with the “elementary school” tips you were taught of before (turn the T.V. off when not in use, do not leave the faucet running, etc.). And for your food supplies? Well, you already know where we’re going with this. As soon as you’ve had your fill, then there would be no need to consume your supplies set in place for another day.

  3. Sell off your pre-loved items.
    While the notion of having a garage sale during the pandemic may be counterproductive from the get go, remember that there are other ways for you to sell things nowadays. There are online stores to accommodate your need to implement a garage sale. Given that you’d be honest about the quality and condition of your pre-loved items, you can be sure that there are people out there who would love to buy them off your hands. This is very understandable, as there are many who are looking for a more affordable alternative than those being sold in shopping malls. If you have a set of branded clothes that you no longer use, then feel free to sell them off. Provide a complete description of the item, together with its current condition to avoid any further questions or doubt from the buyers.

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