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Lots of Love with Lots of Savings


We all want to show our loved ones how much they mean to us. In one way or another, we go out of our way in order to express our love, even in the most random way possible. This is further amplified during Valentine’s Day, because not only is it the most appropriate time to gift them with chocolates and flowers without seeming too pompous, but it would also show them that you are always there to make them feel that they are valued, regardless of the day or season. In such case, you may have been trying to come up with an appropriate gift that they would appreciate. Chances are, you are willing to spend a huge amount in order to impress your loved one. However, it is understandable that things may still seem a bit too tight at the moment, after all, the love month doesn’t really entail any form of bonus. No, all the bonuses have been given during the holidays, and you might have already spent them by now. In such case, your best bet would be finding alternatives to show your love and care towards your loved one. There are many affordable options for you to try out, but just in case you’re still clueless as to what these alternatives are, here are a couple of suggestions:

1) A tumbler.

It may not look much, but a simple drinking tumbler would be greatly appreciated by your loved one. Gifts do not always need to be full of hearts in order for you to show your care. Chocolates may give off that strong first impression, but that’s just exactly what it is, a first strong impression. Once the chocolates are eaten up, there may be nothing left to indulge on. A tumbler, on the other hand, would go the extra mile, in the sense that it isn’t meant for one-time use. They can be used after a workout, they can be used during lunch break at work, and they can even be used for a peaceful afternoon sip during the weekends. In this way, the recipient will always be reminded of your love and care whenever they do their tasks and work towards a better life. Now, if your goal is to really show that love during Valentine’s Day, the good news is, there are customizable tumblers out there which can be fitted with any image, thus, you may insert an image of your unforgettable date or a few fancy heart shapes. Most tumblers will only cost you a few hundred pesos. There are some tumblers sold in the market today which doesn’t even break the P400 to P500 mark.

2) A key chain.

If a drinking tumbler isn’t really your preferred type of Valentine’s Day gift, then perhaps you may give your loved one something more compact. Everyone always keeps their keys in the safest place possible, not wanting to lose it, unless they want to be locked out of their homes. Keys are a vital item that anyone may keep in their bags, in a drawer, or even in their wallets (though that would not really be advisable). More often than not, people forget where they put their keys, and that’s just normal, especially for people who have a lot on their mind. Luckily, key chains would make things easier by standing out from a plain background, so that their owners may see them immediately. Some key chains are even decorated with so much color, just so they would be recognizable at first glance. Key chains are a good gift for your loved ones, especially if they have the tendency to forget where they keep their most-valued items. The thing about key chains is that they are both affordable and customizable. You may gift one which has a picture of your loved one or their favorite cartoon character. It also comes in a very affordable price, so be sure to get one for your special someone this Valentine’s.

3) A greeting card.

This may be one of the most obvious choices when thinking of a Valentine’s Day gift. Often times, people underestimate the cheerful implications of a greeting. The thing is, what people need right now is to know that they are not forgotten. There are times in which we forget to greet our loved ones due to our busy schedules, always running against time, trying to catch the bus or jeep to work, not even hinting a smile or a warm “good morning!” This Valentine’s Day would be a great opportunity for you to express that they are loved, that you notice them,and that you are aware that they’re always there for you. A greeting card may seem too simple, but it’s not that you’re giving your loved ones a piece of thickened paper with fancy colors and fonts, it’s you giving them a reminder that you care. Greeting cards may be bought in your local bookstores or school supply shops. If you’re really saving up and are on a tight budget, then you may simply make your own Valentine’s Day greeting card. The more effort you’d put in your creation, the more that you’d be able to show how much they mean to you.

4) Take them out on a simple dinner.

Most gifts do not come in ornamental forms. Most of the time, it’s the hang outs and the dining experiences that counts. Why not take your loved ones on a dinner date? When we say dinner, we do not mean those expensive restaurants you’d usually see on Social Media advertisements. No, if your budget is limited, you don’t have to take them there. You may simply opt for a more affordable option, such as your local diners and fast food chains. After that, you may walk about and enjoy the romantic moonlight. Valentine’s Day gifts are like Christmas presents, it’s the thought that counts, not the form or price of the item. Your loved one will always keep your company, kindness, and care at heart, and making moments will be at the top of their head when looking back towards those precious memories, not on those expensive gifts.

Now that you’ve managed to know about these affordable Valentine’s Day gift options, you may very well be on your way to acquiring a significant amount of savings. The more you save, the more that you’d have in your bank for other events and expenses. With that in mind, you may be looking for a banking option that can manage all of your savings in a very secure manner. Well, we have a very trusted recommendation for you. Look no further than Cebuana Lhuillier’s Micro Savings product. At its core, it aims to provide easier banking access to Filipinos. The product is almost the same with any regular savings account in the Philippines, but doesn’t require a maintaining balance. Filipino citizens as young as 7 years old are also qualified to open an account, which can be considered as a “kids savings” or “junior savings” account. In a way, it is very much optimized to serve the average Filipino in general, as it is very accessible. So what are you waiting for? Show your savings some love this Valentine’s Day. Feel free to visit the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier now!