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Is it Real?: Valuable Tips on Determining the Value and Relevance of Jewelries

Precious jewelries are the main ornaments when it comes to glamour and fashion. We often see celebrities wear expensive jewelry during events or parties, and as such, they often accentuate the outfit worn by the celebrities themselves. But gold and gemstones aren’t just worn by people from high society, as we ourselves also possess our very own set of jewels. May it be a ring, a necklace, a pair of earrings, or a bracelet, we have one which brings out our style and personality. More often than not, they are worn during Sunday mass or special occasions, and once the event is over, they are locked up in our safe and drawers back home.

With this in mind, it is only appropriate to say that we Filipinos also have an eye for jewels, no matter how expensive they may get. Of course, not everyone can afford it, not every Filipino has the means or the resources to purchase their own set of gems or ornaments. However, we may usually come across the average Pinoy wearing at least one article of jewelry during our weekend travels and shopping errands, much so that we can even assume that the value of jewelry has reached the standard, affordable price in the past few years alone. But the thing about jewelries is that, just like every precious product such as gadgets or appliances, there are also imitations circulating around the market. You may have seen knock offs or imitations of cellphones within the local market place, as well as imitation brands of bags, shoes, and even flat screen TVs. Jewelry isn’t exempted from this.The bad thing is that, in spite of some jewels being fake or cheap imitations, they are often priced and passed off as the original. Some people are meticulous enough and detect these forms of deception, but not everyone has the same ability. You may ask, “How would I even determine which is fake and which is real?”

Do not fret, because we have prepared a couple of tips and reminders to help you in ruling out the deceptive imitations from the real precious gems. Keep in mind that there are different factors to consider depending on the type of jewelry. Nonetheless, you may find these all useful if you are going up against a multiple selection of jewelries.

  1. The reputation of the seller.
    Let’s get one thing straight, just because a certain brand is well-recommended doesn’t mean it is always the right choice. This is true when it comes to fast food and cellphones, two completely different industries which carries the same practice when it comes to introducing new products. You have your average cellphone company introducing their new line of smartphones, all touchscreen and carrying a much bigger memory space than last year’s model. It all seems good at first, but looking at the list of features; it seems that nothing else was changed. The battery got bigger, the screen got bigger, and the memory space got bigger, but when it came to new “life-changing” features, there are none. The same thing can be said about your local fast food chain, whenever they are introducing a new “healthier” menu, you’d be disappointed to discover that they just happen to lessen the amount of cooking oil and patty used on the new “healthy burger,” but basically, the cholesterol count on the buns and dressing remains the same.The good news is that the same principle cannot be said about your well-known jewelry stores. The most revered brands which can be found in your malls are far better when it comes to their business practices. Sure, the branded jewelries they sell may go beyond your budget, but you can be sure that the price itself justifies the authenticity of the jewelry in question. The same can’t be said about jewelry resellers though. You may find these within your local marketplace, usually sporting a sign upfront that says “We buy old and broken jewelries,” owing to the fact that they refurbish and “fix” old, second-hand jewelries to be sold off again. While this may seem more practical at first, the refurbished gems may not maintain the applied fix; hence, you may end up returning them for repairs.
  2. Test the item.
    If the reputation of the jewelry store doesn’t matter much to you, then you may do your own testing as well. The following are test methods which we were able to find from a reputable website. Again, the methods may vary depending on the jewelry, but that doesn’t mean that all individual methods are limited to only one jewel type.• The Magnet Test – Gold and silver are not magnetic. Hold up a strong magnet to your piece of jewelry — if it sticks, this is an immediate indication of a fake material being used.

    The Fog Test – The fog test is best used for determining whether a diamond is real or fake. Simply breathe hot air onto the stone — a real diamond does not retain heat, so it will not fog up, while a fake diamond will.

    The Skin Test – Possibly the best known physical test to spot fake jewelry is the skin test. Does wearing your jewelry turn your skin green, or cause any kind of irritation? Genuine gold and silver will not react with the skin, so any problems are an instant giveaway of a fake piece.

  3. Consulting a professional.Now, all of the tips we’ve provided so far admittedly should be taken with a grain of salt. Why? Because these are all just band aid solutions compared to the absolute way of determining jewelry’s authenticity, and that is to consult a professional. Jewelers are far and few, but if you happen to have the nearest jewelry store around your vicinity, be sure to have your item checked. If that isn’t enough, some pawnshops also employ sharp-eyed appraisers who might be able to help you out in determining your jewel’s authenticity and true value. Cebuana Lhuillier, for example, employs only the absolute best when it comes to evaluating the value of your precious gems. With more than 2,500 branches nationwide, they are one of the most accessible pawnshop chains in the Philippines. Alongside safety and world-class service, Cebuana Lhuillier also gives one of the highest appraisal rates in the industry for items such as jewelry and gadgets, offering up to 30% more than other pawnshops. So if ever you’re in need of assistance, feel free to visit the Cebuana Lhuillier branch nearest you now.