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Planning To Work Abroad? Here Are Some Countries You Might Want To Consider

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Choosing to work abroad requires plenty of sacrifices. You have to leave your family and friends behind and go to another country, and you might not be able to return to see them for a few years. Once you’re already there, you have to mingle with people from different cultures, so it will undoubtedly be a big adjustment.

In many cases, Pinoys who choose to work abroad experience homesickness because they are away from their family. If you have children, you won’t be able to witness firsthand how your kids grow. You also cannot be there to celebrate birthdays, Christmases, New Years, and other special occasions with your family.

If you’ve already steeled your resolve, congratulations! The decision must have been difficult, but what waits for you abroad are better work opportunities that can help you and your family get out of sticky financial situations.

Once you’re already in another nation, one of the first things you have to do is find a reliable remittance center. This will allow you to continue providing for your family back home. You can reach out to Cebuana Lhuillier’s partners to safely do international money transfers.

Choosing a Country To Work In

If you plan to become an OFW, there are many countries you can go to. Here are a few factors to consider in choosing which option is best for you:

Job Opportunities

One of your major considerations should be the availability of jobs in the country you wish to go to. Do some research to learn what kinds of professionals are currently in demand in that nation and see if any of those employment opportunities are suitable for your skills and educational level.

Finding a job that’s perfect for you is a way to earn more. This way, you can send more money to your family back in the Philippines. With proper budgeting and saving, getting your loved ones out of poverty might be possible after a few years.


Another factor you might want to consider is how strict the country is regarding requirements from OFWs. Some nations want workers from overseas to send plenty of documents, while others only need you to furnish the most important ones.

Preparing some of the most essential documents early can help you expedite the process. Your passport, working visa, and other papers are, of course, necessary. Apart from that, you need to undergo a medical checkup and get clearance from a doctor to ensure you are fit to work. There might be other requirements, so it’s best to do ample research to learn what you need to provide beforehand.

Salary and Expenses

Of course, you should also consider how much you will earn while working abroad. Jobs that are in demand pay pretty well, so if you land that opportunity, you might be able to send a lot regularly through various international money transfer channels.

However, apart from your wages, be sure to take into account your possible expenses while staying there. If you end up spending too much on rent, food, and other everyday expenditures, you might not be able to save enough to send back to your family in the Philippines.

Top Countries for OFWs

Are you still having difficulty deciding which country to go to? We have compiled some of the best nations OFWs can work in.

Australia and New Zealand

Australia is among the nations that Filipinos want to migrate to. However, even if you don’t plan to settle there for good, working there can open up a lot of opportunities for you. The country has a very strong economy, so companies there can provide their employees with high wages. Moreover, there is already an established Filipino community, so you will feel less alone.

New Zealand is Australia’s smaller neighbor. It’s also among the most favored places for OFWs because of its strong economy. Companies there offer incredibly competitive wages to their workers, so if you ever land a job there, you’ll surely enjoy receiving high salaries. Your family can also reap the rewards of your hard work. All you have to do is find a remittance partner that can help you send money from overseas back to the Philippines.


If you don’t want to travel too far, you can always visit one of our neighbors in the Southeast Asian region. Singapore is among the best nations to work in if you’re an OFW because companies there can offer high salaries. More than that, however, it’s easier to apply for a job there, especially if you’re a skilled professional. With some dedication in job seeking and a bit of luck, your chances of landing a good employment opportunity are pretty high.


The Middle East is one of the top destinations for OFWs. Among the countries there, Kuwait offers some of the best opportunities for Pinoy workers. They welcome Filipino employees in a wide range of industries, including construction, health care, and retail. By landing a good job in Kuwait, there’s a high chance for you to earn a lot. This means your family in the Philippines can receive more money from abroad.


Like Australia, Canada is a top destination for Filipinos who want to migrate. It’s also a favored nation for OFWs because companies there provide high wages to their workers, no matter where they come from.

Canada is the second largest country after Russia, but its population isn’t that high. That’s why they are very welcoming to immigrants and overseas workers who want to live there and find employment. For Filipinos, there are established communities in certain cities, like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.

Saudi Arabia

Another Middle Eastern nation Filipinos want to work in is Saudi Arabia. The country offers plenty of opportunities for workers in different industries, including health care, construction, and education. Pinoys who get employed there typically receive a relatively high salary, too, so they can send back a lot of money to their family in the Philippines.


Better work opportunities await those who are brave enough to decide to work abroad. In many cases, they receive higher salaries than what they get from companies in the Philippines. This way, they can help their loved ones get out of poverty by sending a portion of their salary through international money transfer channels.

If you’re a Pinoy worker abroad, you need a reliable remittance center. When sending money, be sure to find Cebuana Lhuillier’s international partners. Our company has collaborated with different financial institutions abroad, so you can safely and easily remit your hard-earned money to your loved ones back home.

For questions about our international remittance services, feel free to contact us!