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Indicators That You’re Happy with Life at Work

Having a job is great. But, are you actually happy with your job?

Here’s the thing: when you’re happy with your work, it becomes easy for you to do your best, have some confidence, and feel that you’re in a good place in life. How do you know that you’re happy at work? Here are 10 indicators:

1. You feel appreciated.

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More than anything, you’ll enjoy work when you know you are being appreciated. The best bosses are those who know how to thank their employees; those who don’t make them feel as if they’re just mere pawns, but are actually vital parts of the company.

2. You find it easy to communicate.

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Another sign that you’re happy at work is that you can easily talk to your colleagues and bosses without feeling like you’re going to be judged, or that you may not be asking the right questions. When lines of communication are severed, it means that you’re in an unhealthy work environment—which also means that you’re probably not as happy as you should be.

3. You are not worrying about gossip.

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There will always be tattletales around, but that does not mean you have to worry about them. If you’re happy where you are, and are content at work, chances are you won’t actually be worrying about office intrigues—because you feel secure.

4. You don’t find it hard to wake up.

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Snooze button? What snooze button? When you’re happy at work, you wouldn’t mind waking up early—no matter how late you went to bed the previous night. This is because you’re itching to go to work again—and you are happy with what you’re doing, no matter how challenging it may be.

5. You feel like you’re learning something new each day.

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A life that’s being well-lived is a life where you actually learn something new each day. When you feel like life is the same day in and day out, and that work is making it all the more monotonous, you’re probably just trying to survive—and not really live life.

6. You love your body.

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There are cases where gaining, or sometimes, losing weight, is caused by a boring, and demanding job. When you’re happy with your work, you’d be eating on time, and food would not be a crutch for you.

7. You laugh a lot!

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Yes, some people may say that laughter is not a gauge to happiness. But, chances are, if you’re happy with your work, you’d actually be laughing a lot—and the happiness will show on your face. It would be genuine, and not put-on.

8. You aren’t extremely sensitive.

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People who are unhappy with work are usually hypersensitive. They don’t take criticism easily, and they often feel like they’re not good enough. When you’re happy with work, you see criticism as just that—criticism—and nothing more. You don’t dwell on it, and instead, use it as a way to grow.

9. You don’t feel like the company’s too big.


No matter how big the company is, when you feel like you and everyone else are actually part of the same family, it means that you’ll be happy because you can relate to each other—and that you have a good support system with you.

10. You actually have time for other things.

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And of course, you know that work makes you happy when you have time for other things that you like—be it cooking, sports, your favorite shows, or movies, eating out, and of course, a social life!


If you can relate to these statements, it means you have a pretty good life at work. If not, well, maybe it’s high time to find a new job—so you can finally be happy the way you should be!