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How to Reduce Motorcycle Insurance Costs

We love heroic moments in movies. When the hero rides his motorcycle, shoots the bad guys, and jumps off in the nick of time to hang on an airplane where the kidnapped damsel in distress is being kept, we almost jump out of our seats in the cinema, hoping that we may someday do the same things in real life. Real life, on the other hand, may prove very destructive when it comes to vehicles. Yes, movie heroes may survive multiple motorcycle crashes, as what the director instructs him to do. In real life, we may not be too lucky though, especially as motorcycles are more likely to be thrown off in a collision. Those of us who own a motorcycle would have to worry about two things; injuries and property damage. With that being said, what better way to avoid big expenditures (whether in hospitals or repair shops) than to avail a motorcycle insurance. We had enumerated a few tips to get the most out of your motorcycle insurance.

1. The right coverage.

The great thing about purchasing insurance is you would be able to study its policies. We are not just referring to minor scratches in your motorcycle. Losing a tire is one thing, but rendering the motorcycle totally non-ridable is another. No worries, as certain coverage and premiums give you many options when it comes to availing the claim just right for you.

2. To add or not to add.

As much as our first advice suggests that you get as much premium as possible from your insurance, please note that too much of anything isn’t also good. Get the premium that you only need. Know your motorcycle so you may also know the type of risk that it may be involved in. The very reason you are getting a motorcycle insurance is that you are avoiding big amount of expenses after an accident, so why spend so much for an unneeded premium before the accident?

How to Reduce Motorcycle Insurance Costs2

3. Be on time.

Insurance involves payment, so you should pay regularly to avoid penalties. As with our regular bills like water and electricity, we should always remember to pay our insurance/s as well. Separate as they seem, insurance companies implement penalties if you’re not able to pay on time. While riding your motorcycle, keep your eyes on the road and focus on safety, but when you get off it, remember that there are also bills to pay aside from the fun rides.

4. Choose wisely.

We are not just referring to your choice of insurance, but also the type of motorcycle that you would like to purchase. You may choose a less powerful engine as this can technically help to reduce your insurance premium, as would an older, less expensive motorcycle. Choosing a bike with lots of modifications will also grant you an expensive premium as they may cost more to repair or replace, not to mention, be more appealing to motorcycle thieves.

How to Reduce Motorcycle Insurance Costs3

You finally decide to avail of motorcycle insurance. However, you would prefer one that would really look out for you in times of need. No need to worry, as here at Cebuana Lhuillier, we offer the MotorCARE Insurance, a Standard Comprehensive Motorcar Insurance that covers Own Damage (OD), Theft, Loss and/or Damage, Excess Bodily Injury (EBI), Excess Property Damage (EPD), and Acts of God/Nature (AOG/AON). Be a hero on the road, be safe, and be insured. Visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch now – we assure a fast, easy, and secure transaction.