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Helpful Business Ideas for the New Year

Business ideas usually come and go, and yet, there are those which would stick with you for the most part. Do you ever find yourself randomly thinking about opening up your own venture? Do you ever wonder about having an extra source of income? Do you ever expect to add more to your monthly savings? Then perhaps, this write-up’s for you.

Let’s first talk about the recent year known as 2020. Understandably, many would prefer to just forget about that past year, owing to the fact that it may just be one of the darkest that we’ve ever faced in our lives. Due to the sudden occurrence of the pandemic, many lost their jobs, many lost their way of life, and most tragic of all, many lost their loved ones. Indeed, 2020 is a year that we would all like to just wipe away from our memories. However, the thing about tragedies and disappointments is that there will always be silver linings originating from that very same void. What may seem like a pile of dirt and dust may just be carrying a valuable jewel beneath the surface. For every problem, there will always be a solution, and while these solutions may not be able to bring back what was already long gone, it may provide us a new path, a new road towards success and full recovery.

The same thing can be said about our livelihood. Countless people around the globe lost their jobs due to the closing down and bankruptcy of many businesses, brought about by the pandemic. While there are some who were able to find new jobs from the long list of classified ads circulated online, there are still many who were not able to find their footing. Well, worry no more, as we have a few suggestions for you, with regards to opening up your very own business. Take note that some of these may not work for you due to other circumstances, but still, take these tips in stride. Who knows? You might be able to develop a better business idea from these suggestions.

  1. A business fit for the taste buds.
    Food – Everyone loves them and no one would ever want to be away from them. Everyone eats, everyone needs their daily sustenance, and what better way to do that than to gobble down some delicious delicacies. As a matter of fact, this is one of the main shortages that some of our fellow Filipinos were able to experience, due to the pandemic and the continuous storms near the end of 2020, hence, why it is a valuable commodity that we’d all like to be abundant of. Now, if you happen to be skilled at the kitchen, it is only natural for you share your knowledge and skills, but instead of posting your recipes online, you can make a business out of it by creating your masterpiece in the kitchen and selling your specialties through a food delivery app. The food business (in spite of the pandemic) was able to sustain its momentum through the never-ending love of Pinoys towards home-cooked meals. Of course, there were concerns about the cleanliness and sanitation of the menu items online, as people were skeptical about the preparation processes, but as long as you were able to exhibit the quality of your cooking and the way your own personal menu was safely prepared, then you would have no problem selling your packed meals. If solid food really isn’t your thing, then perhaps you may join the ranks of the “milk tea” connoisseurs online. The competition is tight, but if you happen to have a unique recipe with you, then you already have an edge.

  2. Getting in touch with your inner “plantito/plantita.”
    While everyone was locked in during the pandemic, people needed a new type of hobby to amuse themselves. We as humans need to be active, we need to be pre-occupied, otherwise, we will “go mad,” we will get anxious, and the pandemic isn’t going to help make things easier as well. It’s easy to assume that everyone’s been looking at their “screens” throughout the whole duration of the lockdown, and for many that is exactly the case, as during the early days of COVID-19, people were already isolated in their homes, consuming their daily dose of the internet through their laptops, their cellphones, and even through their smart TVs. However, this trend did not last long, due to the fact that we Filipinos are very sociable and active people. The need to be away from our screens in order to do something outdoors outweighs the strict implementations that we have, which is why you would find many violators in the evening news, party dinners included. In such case, people proceeded to tend to their gardens. If we aren’t allowed to go to our favorite diners for an outdoor meal and sniff of fresh air, then we may instead walk to our backyard and tend to our plants. This activity seemed to have gained traction over the months, as you may find many sellers of rare and beautiful plants all over your social media feed. If you feel like joining them, then feel free to do so. Share your knowledge of being a “plantito/plantita” and let others develop their green thumb as well.
  3. Inspiring fashionistas… at home.
    Well, the pandemic may have gotten in the way of our favorite “public runways,” (in short, the mall) but it would not stop people from showing off their flashy attires. This is all made easy through various social media channels, with many influencers showing off their apparels through their many poses and snapshots. In such case, why not take the opportunity to instigate the inner-fashionistas of others as well? You may sell off dresses and apparels from the comfort of your home. Skirts, spaghetti straps, and even neon-sandals, anything that happens to be trending right now.

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