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Great Investments for a Growing Family

Having a new member in the family would be one of the most glorious things to ever happen within the household. A new baby marks the arrival of a new blessing that should further solidify the relationship and strength of the family itself. With that being said, everything should be in place, the adjustments that goes along with it, the preparation of an extra space for the newborn, and the budget that would fill in that new void as a result of the newest member. While many of these can be accomplished with enough effort, it is understandable that there may be struggles in terms of the financials. Setting up a new space for the baby is simple enough, like rearranging the furniture, assembling the crib, and placing the other child care items within the designated baby room. In terms of the emotional adjustment, there would not be much of an issue, as both the parents and the baby’s siblings may have already been anticipating the arrival of a newborn, hence, everyone is emotionally and psychologically ready for a new member of the family. We’re not saying that it’s a very easy adjustment, it’s just that it may go much smoother if everyone’s already “up to the job.” As for the financials, the earnings of both the parents are something that may not be adjusted to increase in just a snap of a finger. Monthly income isn’t determined by the addition of a new family member, after all. It is plotted out by contract and by decision of the company’s higher management, which is why the adjustment should come from the household instead.

There are various ways to increase one’s earnings as the provider of the household, and these are what we may call as investments. There are lots and lots of investment opportunities out there which parents and other members of the family may participate in. The thing is, doubling the monthly income is a hard task, but definitely doable and manageable with proper teamwork. Luckily for you, you have your whole family to support you with such opportunities. Here are just a few examples to get you started:

1.) A Sari-Sari Store

Businesses are a great investment in the long run, and nothing brings out a more Filipino-like business better than a sari-sari store. Remember when we said that doubling your income would be a team effort? Well, having a business is no “walk in the park.” You need a helping hand, and you need your family to take over your store while you and your spouse are at your day jobs. Your teenage kids may watch over the store and tend to buyers after school. They may even report the whole day’s income after you come home from work. It’s also a good practice for the kids and teenagers to interact with buyers at an early age, as it helps develop their social skills. But that’s not all, being in charge of the store while you’re away would help orient them with the ins and outs of a business venture, no matter how small it is. A sari-sari store may not seem much, but it would add more funds for your daily expenses. A baby would need a continuous supply of milk and diapers, and your daily earnings in your small store would be beneficial for those expenses.

2.) Online Buy & Sell

With the introduction of online selling apps, you are now presented with the opportunity to run a business at the comfort of your home. If you do not feel comfortable about your kids running a small store, at least with online buy and sells, your privacies would be much better protected, with many apps taking on more secure features for their online sellers. Your options are limitless when it comes to online selling, many would sell clothes and apparels, there are some who sell tumblers and lunch boxes, there are those who would sell powerbanks and USB drives, indeed, you wouldn’t run out of options. You may have to register first before you can begin to sell, as with other social media sites, nonetheless, it is much simpler to sell online than to set up shop like a sari-sari store, which in turn would require you to spend more, especially as you’d need to construct the store itself, with expenses coming from construction materials and handy work.

3.) Buying a Car

Out of all the things mentioned in this list, we’re sure that you may find this part seemingly counterproductive. It’s very understandable, as we’ve mentioned in the earlier part that the purpose of having an investment is for you to double the family’s income. Buying a car doesn’t only seem expensive at the point if purchase, but also very costly in maintenance. But let us put this into perspective, there are sources of income nowadays which requires a car, and those livelihoods are somewhat the “in-thing” when it comes to earning a fair amount in no time. Aside from apps which functions for online selling, there are also apps which are coordinated with a car. They are known as TNVS and are the modern Taxis of today. With a simple click of an app, a passenger may request for a ride, whether their destination is a few minutes or a few hours away. The driver (who is the recipient of the ride request) would simply indicate the fare price. If both the driver and the passenger were to agree on the conditions (price and destination), the passenger would be picked up, thus, beginning the whole transaction. It may all seem simple enough, but such can produce a regular income that the whole family, including the newest member, would appreciate, especially as everyone travels. There are students and employees traveling towards their daily destinations, and the need for transportation arises, mostly for those places where a regular bus or jeep doesn’t go to because of differing routes.

With all of these suggested investments, you may be looking for a service that would protect the fruit of all your labors, a service that you can trust with your financials, a service that values the love that you have for your family, especially its newest member. Well, no need to look further than Cebuana Lhuiller’s ProtectMAX, a microinsurance product designed for individuals aged 7 to 70 years old, featuring Death Benefit, Accident or Sickness Emergency Cash Assistance, Accidental Dismemberment and/or Disablement, Murder and Unprovoked Assault and Residential Fire Reconstruction cash assistance. For as low as P50, each certificate is valid for four (4) months from the date of issuance and can be availed up to a maximum of 5 certificates per insured.

Simply put, just think of all the insurances you’ve heard of before, and then raise them into a higher level, that’s what ProtectMAX is. You are better off investing in this particular Microinsurance, especially if your main priority is attaining an insurance that’s affordable and worth your hard-earned money. You may ask, “Well, that sounds great! But is my family qualified for this?” The definite answer is yes! The following are qualified beneficiaries for ProtectMAX:

Qualified beneficiaries:

  • Legal Spouse
  • Child of legal age (18 years old)
  • Parents – Mother/Father
  • Siblings – of legal age and single; married

So what are you waiting for? Visit your nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch now – we assure a fast, easy and secure transaction.