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Go Viral Video Competition


ACP Viral Competition



1. Maximum of 5 persons per team.

2. No limit in the number of entries.

3. The Microinsurance subject/idea/theme of all submitted videos must be:

a.  “Alagang Cebuana”

b.  Tone and Manner should be:
• Happy
• Urgent and Necessary
• Affordable Protection
• “Insurance ng Pinoy”

4. Style: Viral video

5. 60 – 120 seconds in total length (content, credits, etc.).

6. Entries must contain the “contest identification” image at the beginning.

7. Any additional credits, thank you, etc. must be displayed at the end of the video

8. All submissions must be posted on the creator’s own YouTube or Vimeo account and should allow embedding.

a. Title: The Alagang Cebuana Viral Video Contest hashtag, “#AlagangCebuana” must appear at the end of the video title.
Example: “Good Title  #AlagangCebuana”

b. Description: The following must appear in the video description of all submitted videos:
i. Group name
ii. Contestant/s’ name/s
iii. The name and website URL of the Contest:
iv. A description of the video in the creators own words. There is no limit on the length of the description.
v. Additional credits if desired.

c. Tags: The following YouTube video tags are required: viral, video, contest, alagang cebuana, cebuana lhuillier, plus, acp, malasakit, SAC.

d. Category: Youtube: Film & Animation | Vimeo: Films or Animation & Motion Graphics

e. Privacy: All contest entries should be placed on YouTube or Vimeo using the “Public” privacy setting.

9.  Videos should be submitted via email. Entries should be sent to: [email protected] with the words “2013 #AlagangCebuana” in the email subject line and

a. In the body of the email message the applicant will put the following:
i. Video Title
ii. Group Name
iii. Representative’s name and Contact number
iv. A link to the video
v. A description of the video

b. All contest entries must be received no later than July 15, 2013 at 11:59pm Philippine Time. Any entries received after that date will not be accepted.

Criteria for Judging

1. Creativity and Originality (25%)
2. Adherence to Theme and Inclusion of required elements. (25%)
3. Viral Nature as determined by the number of video views, likes/dislikes, comments, etc on the unique viral video participant webpage. (25%)
4. Entertainment Value (15%)
5. Video Quality (10%)

For more information, please call 895-1093 /  890-3760 / 899-6305 or email [email protected]