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How to Get the Best Appraisal in Pawnshops

You’re hoping to sell a couple of items (extra gadgets or jewelry) in order to earn a little extra cash. You decided to pawn those items, instead, so you may conserve time and energy. In such case, you would like to make sure that you would get the best value possible. This value or money return is determined by what we call the appraisal, or the amount of cash that would be given to you in exchange for the items that you would pawn. This means that if you come unprepared, you may only be given a small amount in cash return for the items that you had surrendered. Here are just a few pointers to consider in getting the best appraisals in pawnshops:

Clean your jewelry.

No pawnshop will give you a proper appraisal when they see that the item is either dirty or dismantled. You may even be accused of scamming your way to a good pay. Remember that all surrendered items should be in clean, mint, and proper condition. Shine your gems before bringing them to the pawnshop, make sure that no dirt is on the gold, and make your silver sterling. They’ll show better across the counter, and you’re likely to get more money.

Do your own research.

Learn to inquire on the offered amount. How much would the pawnshop and appraisers pay you in exchange for your gem? You may be surprised that the prices of jewelry change from time to time, even quicker than some other products, hence another reason to have it appraised as well as routinely as you can. This doesn’t mean that you should have it validated monthly, rather, whatever changes you may hear from the store you may confirm via the appraisers, only then may you know the current selling price of your jewels. Knowing the right value would save you from possibly losing something and not getting the fair amount at all. Be informed at all times and stay firm on your price range.

Visit a well-known pawnshop.

This is related to the second factor to consider. Remember that reputation is everything, which is why you should only transact with a pawnshop that already has a reputable stance and familiarity with its customers. While other pawnshops may try to convince you of great cash returns, there are cases of hidden charges per transaction, a fee that no one wants to pay for. Pawn your items only at the most trusted name, save yourself from hassle while earning a fair amount in return.

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