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Financial Goals to Aim for This 2018


The year is almost over and you’re still trying to think of a good New Year’s Resolution. While majority of us would choose to watch our health and diet, there are some who are looking to develop their own financial growth. Earn more, save more, and spend less, that’s the key to obtaining a healthy savings account. In such case, you may be wondering, how may I accomplish this said financial growth? What are the specific things that I should do in order to achieve this? Well, look no further, as we had enumerated a few financial goals that you can focus on this coming 2018. Add these items to your New Year’s Resolution and be financially healthy all year long:

1. Plan your budget as early as now.

The economic blows we had this year had taught us a thing or two about proper spending, so it shouldn’t come as a shock that we still need to prepare for further financial concerns in the future. This should not be mistaken as being a pessimist, but rather being cautious and prepared with a well-planned budget. Emergency funds, savings, zero amounts of debts, and a layout of your spending next year should be included in the list. Having a clear roadmap of your expenses would provide you a guide on proper spending and efficient use of money.

2. Pay all your debts.

We mentioned zero amounts of debts in the previous count, goal, but we may need to emphasize the importance of being free from it by next year. You’d have more freedom to do the things that you want to do, without worrying about pending balances or overdue bills. Being debt free also saves you from the ever-dreaded obligation of paying interests. It may take some sacrifice to make it happen, but it is worth the effort. You should create a debt payment plan as early as now.


3. Start saving money now.

As a matter of fact, you should have begun at the beginning of this year. Just imagine if you had this same goal last year, saved up this year, then saved up again for next year, you would have been able to get a huge amount, enough for that grand cruise or vacation that you have been dreaming of. Do everything that you can to save, never overspend and always have your planned budget in mind (as mentioned in the first step). Keep in mind that your savings should be separate from your emergency fund. Savings should not be touched, while an emergency fund should be readily spent in case of unforeseen expenditures.

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