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Quickly Send Money to the Philippines With These 5 Helpful Tips

Quickly Send Money to the Philippines With These 5 Helpful Tips



Many Filipinos dream of giving their families a comfortable life. This is one reason why a significant percentage of the Philippine population is employed in over 200 countries across the globe, working as professionals, nurses, domestic helpers, drivers, teachers, and construction workers, among other jobs. If you also moved to a different country to be an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), you have most likely researched the phrase “Filipino remittance services near me” to remit a part of your salary to your family back home.


While there are now multiple ways to send money internationally, there are still instances where money remittance services can take up so much time due to various factors. Fortunately, Cebuana Lhuillier is here to share some tips in this article to help you quickly send funds to your relatives.


Time-Saving Tips for Sending Money From Abroad 


Fast and timely money transfers to the Philippines are essential because many Filipino households depend on these remittances for living expenses. Hence, when these transfers are delayed, they will have difficulty paying bills and buying essentials.


Here are several tips you can follow to ensure the money you send reaches your family as soon as possible:


Research About the Nearest Remittance Center 


If you prefer going to a remittance center in person to send funds, it’s best to research the remittance center branch nearest to your residence to cut down your travel time. Remember, you may also have to line up for quite some time once you get to the remittance center. That’s why Cebuana Lhuillier has partnered with an extensive list of international remittance companies, making money transfer services more widely accessible to Filipinos abroad.


Try Filling Out Transaction Forms Beforehand 


If you already have a go-to remittance center, ask if you can bring home several copies of their transaction forms the next time you go there to remit money. This allows you to fill them out at home so that when you revisit the remittance center, you can line up immediately and not have to spend more time inputting details on the form.


Prepare the Cash and Required Documents in Advance 


Nothing is more hassle than driving or commuting to accomplish your monthly Philippine remittance, only to realize that you’ve left the money you were supposed to send or the documents needed to make a transfer. Always make sure to have all these items ready before you leave your residence by preparing them the night before the transaction.


Visit the Establishment During Non-Peak Hours 


Do you send money to your family as soon as you get your salary at the end of the month? This might not be the best time to do so because most people transfer money during the last five days of the month and the first 10 days of the month after that. As a result, if you send funds during this period, you will have a higher chance of facing long lines and busier remittance centers.



How To Find a Reliable Money Remittance Center 


Finding a reliable remittance center can prove challenging, considering the number of companies that offer Filipino remittance services near you, all claiming to deliver fast and secure transactions. Read the following tips to aid you in your search:


Choose Well-Known Remittance Centers 


It’s best to always pick reputable remittance centers as these companies have often been around for years, utilize various security measures, and are regulated by governing authorities. Don’t be tempted to try shady money transfer service providers that promise low transfer fees at the expense of your money’s security.


Ask Other OFWs 


Inquire from your fellow Filipino OFWs about their recommended remittance centers. You can also try reading online reviews of different money transfer companies to have an idea of their users’ experience—just remember to take these reviews with a grain of salt, as always.


Consider Customer Service 


A reliable remittance center will have trustworthy and dependable customer service. While some people may not think too much about customer support, it will come in handy when you encounter transaction-related problems, such as delayed money transfers.


Learn About Our International Remittance Services 


Cebuana Lhuillier offers money remittance services in the Philippines and abroad, so there’s no need to worry about how you can send money to your loved ones. To bring our Filipino remittance services nearer and more accessible to all hardworking OFWs across the globe, we have partnered with a broad list of trusted international remittance companies.


Sending funds internationally is easy. Just go and visit any of our international remittance partners and fill out the send form. Submit this form, a valid ID, and the money you wish to send to the branch personnel. You will be given a receipt and a reference number, which you can give to your intended recipient so they can claim the money you sent in any Cebuana branch.


Depending on the international remittance partner, you also have the option to remit the money directly into the Cebuana Micro Savings account of your family members, which they can access via the e-Cebuana app to use at any time.




As OFWs, saving money is important, and so is saving time. Hopefully, following the tips we discussed will help you conduct money transfer transactions more efficiently and conveniently.


Cebuana offers one of the best remittance services to the Philippines, given our expansive global reach. Moreover, you can rest assured that your money will arrive fast and safely because we only partner with reliable international remittance companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us today or visit any of our branches if you have questions about our services. We look forward to hearing from you!