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Factors That May Affect Your Car Insurance Approval

So you were involved in an accident and you desperately want to both save and settle the damages as soon as possible. This is an understandable situation as car accidents are every motorist’s nightmare, however, one should not risk making further mistakes that may hinder your insurance company’s approval. There are various factors that may either motivate or change their minds when it comes to providing your claim, so a sound mind and proper decision making may save you hassle and money along the way. Here are just some pointers that may either make or break your claim:

Reporting the Accident on Time.

It would be wise to remember that the specified time for reporting the accident to your insurance company would be within 48 to 72 hours. This doesn’t mean that once you fail to report within the given amount of time, your claim would be rejected, however, if something else were to happen to your car during this time frame, there is a possibility that your claim would not be approved, even for the original accident.

The Details You Provide Regarding the Accident.

Make sure to only provide the necessary details. This does not mean that you should lie or falsify anything to get your claim, however, do not give your insurance company any unnecessary details that may be used against you. Think of this as your typical Miranda Law, you have the right to remain silent and anything you say may be used against you and your claim. Provide the when, where, and how of the accident, but think twice regarding the what, why, and who.

Getting Your Car Fixed Without Informing the Insurance Company.

After an accident, you find out that your car just suffered a small bend with a few minor scratches. You think that you can already handle this type of repair expense so you had it fixed and repainted as soon as possible, expecting that you may just reimburse what you had spent for the repair. Unfortunately, you never informed your insurance company regarding the accident. This is a critical mistake, as this becomes a difficult process for the insurance company to keep track of the original damage and as to which part of the repair was actually done from the accident itself. This would definitely lead them in rejecting your claim.

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