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Expect the Unexpected: Saving for the Future

Something unexpected always comes up. You expect your daily routines to continue as they usually do, only to find yourself either involved in an accident or a conflict. Either way, both are costly and unnecessary. This is one of the main reasons why you should always be prepared for anything. Your daily routines would make you very comfortable and complacent, so much that you may forget to prepare for any emergency that may come your way. But you wouldn’t need to worry, as we have prepared few important tips for you so you can be ready to face unforeseen occurrences.

1)Unexpected Situation: Storms and Calamities

Preparation: Emergency Kits and Evacuation Plans

The Philippines is one of the most ravaged places when it comes to storms. There are various instances in which we would experience two to three storms within a single month. Proper preparation is the key when it comes to surviving these calamities. An emergency kit for the whole family is a must-have. Evacuation plans are also needed, especially for places which are regularly hit with flashfloods and landslides.

2) Unexpected Situation: Fire

Preparation: Fire Extinguishers and Exit Strategy

The Bureau of Fire Protection recorded a total of 14,316 fire incidents from January 1, 2018 to December 27, 2018, with 3,943 of them happening in Metro Manila. For a country that celebrates Fire Prevention Month every March, you may think that many Filipino citizens would have learned their lesson when it comes to fire safety, but the numbers don’t lie. Many of us aren’t even knowledgeable enough when it comes to fiery emergencies, which is why having fire extinguishers around would always be a good choice. Also having an exit strategy would be most helpful, especially because we wouldn’t want to leave any of our family  members behind in case of fire.

3) Unexpected Situation: Road Accident

Preparation: Financial Savings and Immediate Contacts with Emergency Personnel

One of the most unexpected things to happen during road trips would be an accident. No one wants to be involved in a pile up, which is why the driver should be careful at all times. Being on the road would require the driver to stay alert at all times, observing proper speed and obeying traffic rules. If things go sideways, at least be alert enough to call an ambulance and other proper authorities. It wouldn’t hurt that you have an emergency fund  as it will come handy at this kind of unfortunate circumstance..

While thinking up various emergency plans, you must also consider saving up for the future. There are countless expenditures along the way, sudden expenses, emergencies, etc. So much that you would at least need to set aside a few amounts every month to make up for your “needs.” You may have to open a savings account if you’d want to achieve that.

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