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5 Convenient Ways To Save Money for the Future

Woman easily monitoring the money she has in her savings account


No one knows what the future holds. However, even if this is the case, what remains clear is that we’re gonna need enough money if we want to continue living a decent life in the next coming years.

Slowly stashing loose coins in a piggy bank or hiding paper bills in an envelope under your bed are among the most basic ways to save up for the future. Another fast, easy, and reliable method you might want to try is opening a savings account.

Traditional banks might ask you to provide various documents and wait for a couple of days if you want to open a new account with them. Thankfully, you won’t experience that hassle if you choose Cebuana Lhuillier to be your financial partner. Simply visit one of our branches, and our staff will help you process your savings account application.

However, even if you already have a bank account, you still need to work hard to earn the money you’ll put under your name. Here are five ways to do that:


Monitor Your Expenses 

An effective way to save money is to monitor your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses. You can write it down manually in a journal that you bring with you anywhere or use a spreadsheet on your computer. If you’re a bit techy, you can even use mobile applications. There are a lot of budget-monitoring apps you can download, and the best thing is that most of them are free!


Save As Much Money as You Can 

If you’re monitoring your budget – either through your journal, spreadsheet, or app – you can clearly see which among your expenditures are unnecessary. Try to limit those non-essential spending and put that money straight into your savings account.

Here are other ways you can save:

Save on Your Electric and Water Bills 

Whether you live alone or with your family, there’s a surefire way for you to save on your monthly bills for water and electricity. Switch off and unplug appliances that aren’t in use and try to conserve water when you’re bathing, showering, or brushing your teeth. Doing these little things won’t make you a millionaire, but it will definitely help you decrease utility expenses.

Cancel Unnecessary Subscriptions 

Millennials and Gen Zers – and some of our older companions at home – subscribe to a lot of deals, and some of them are unnecessary or redundant. If you’ve already signed up for a video streaming service, there’s no need to subscribe to another one just to be able to access the same shows. The same goes for other kinds of services, such as music and dating apps.

Canceling unnecessary or redundant subscriptions can help you save a lot of money that can easily go directly to the savings account you’ve created. In lieu of the services you’ve unsubscribed to, you can find a lot of free (and legal) alternatives on the internet if you just look hard enough.

Do the 30-Day Rule for Online Shopping 

It’s not just you! A lot of us are obsessed with online shopping because it offers an incredibly convenient way to buy any item that you need and want. The only downside, however, is it’s so effortless to add products to your cart that you won’t notice you’re spending too much time and money trying to shop online.

There’s an easy trick to combat this habit. The 30-day rule is a method that can help you cut down on your impulse buying. What you need to do is simple: if you see something you want to buy, don’t add it to your cart yet. Wait for 30 days instead, and if by that time, you still have the burning desire to purchase the product, then go for it. Otherwise, you can simply leave the item alone and continue scrolling.


Set a Realistic Monthly Budget 

The art of budgeting can be hard to learn, but it’s something that everyone needs to master. If you’re working and receiving a monthly salary, be sure to budget it wisely. Set aside enough money for the bills, food, and other expenses. Apply for a bank account, too, and put a few hundred or thousand pesos there every now and then.

Many people would say you should save 20% of your monthly income and put it in your bank account. But you can adjust this, depending on how much you earn. Be realistic and don’t force it, especially if the remaining 80% of your salary is already too small for your food, bills, and other expenses.


Find a Side Hustle if You Have Time 

If you think your monthly income is too small, then you can find a side hustle if your time and body would allow it. Here are a few tips:

Monetize Your Hobbies 

One of the best ways to get additional income is by monetizing your hobbies. If you’re into arts and crafts, you can sell your creations by creating an online shop. Other interests, like sports, writing, making music, and even vlogging, can be a way for you to make some cash, too. You just have to do research and find the right channel to maximize.

Do Part-Time Work 

If you still have enough energy after your full-time work, you can apply for a part-time job. There are a lot of professionals who do side jobs to earn extra money. They wait tables at restaurants, brew coffee at cafes, and do all sorts of other tasks that help them earn extra cash.

Try Freelance Opportunities 

Technology allows us to access work opportunities, too. Freelance options are out there if you want to make extra money while you’re at home during the weekends or after you get out of work. If you’re planning to try this out, be sure to ask your full-time employer if they would allow it.


Let Cebuana Help You Save Money for Your Future 

If you’re already saving enough money, be sure not to put it in your piggy bank or hide it under your bed. Instead, what you should do is go to the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch and easily open a new savings account for yourself. Just bring a valid ID and fill out our application form. If you need assistance, never think twice about asking the staff there, and they would be more than happy to help you.



Saving money isn’t easy, but it’s something we all must do if we want to lead a decent life in the next few years or decades. However, you don’t have to worry much because Cebuana Lhuillier is here with you every step of the way. We offer fast, easy, and reliable services for you to open a new savings account and help you prepare for the future. Visit us at one of our branches today!