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Dreams into Reality: Micro Savings as a Gateway towards Business and Financial Success


Saving solves it all. As daunting as expenses can be, people can avoid going broke or running out of money by simply setting aside consistent amounts for their future. You may have heard of stories about people who had nothing at first, but then decided to save up after every payday and invested it on a wise financial choice, such as a business or a partnership venture, then went on to become one of today’s richest conglomerate. Stories such as these are a living proof that anyone can be successful with the right mindset and the ready-to-go attitude of rolling up their sleeves for a hard day’s worth of work.

Of course, while inspiring stories such as these may motivate many to save up wisely, there are still those who do not understand the fundamentals of saving, mainly due to the fact that product prices are at an all-time high, and that money saved would simply be “withdrawn” to sustain daily needs in the household. Admittedly, this has been the situation for quite a while, that is until an innovative financial process came along to even the playing field, the Cebuana LhuillierMicro Savings!

First of all, what is Micro Savings?

A quick online search gave the following definition – “It is a branch of microfinance, consisting of a small deposit account offered to lower-income families or individuals as an incentive to store funds for future use. Microsavings accounts work similar to a normal savings account, however, are designed around smaller amounts of money. There is no maintaining balance,allowing users to save small amounts of money and not be charged for the service.”

To put that into perspective, it’s very much like opening a savings account in your local bank, however, in a much more “affordable” and manageable scale. Micro Saving understands the situation of lower-income families or individuals, offering a much convenient solution when it comes to investing financially without a large risk at hand. No one wants to experience the never-ending cycle of getting your monthly wage, depositing it in the bank, then having to withdraw it again as your expenses wouldn’t allow your budget to cut corners. This new financial innovation breaks that particular cycle, thus, giving a majority of hard workers a much bigger chance of creating their success stories in life and for the future of their families.

How can it help in the long run?

It can help in a variety of ways, and the opportunities that Micro Savings can provide extends its reach to various members of the society, may it be an individual or a group. The following are a subset of categories by which Micro Savings can help out in the long run. Take note that these are just some of the many examples, and the reach that Micro Savings has is limitless, with the proper implementation and cooperation of the participating parties or individuals.

1.)For Retirees/Pensioners.

Our beloved senior citizens have spent their lives grinding away at work, carrying nothing but the hope of giving their sons, daughters, and even grandchildren a good life. Now that they are retired and hoping to be their own bosses, Micro Savings would at least help them out in realizing that dream into reality. Yes, they may receive a certain amount every month due to their pensioner status, but even that may not be enough to compensate for a business venture. Those who have applied for a Micro Savings in the earlier part of their careers may obviously reap the benefits during their retirement. If they were to combine the amounts that they’ve saved with Micro Savings and their upcoming monthly pensions, they would truly have enough for a venture late into their lifetime.

2.)For those who are Planning to Have a Business of their Own.

Remember when we said that those who have applied for a Micro Savings in the earlier part of their careers may obviously reap the benefits during their retirement? This is true, but why wait to reap the benefits until your retirement, if you can utilize them during the younger and mid-life stage of your life. Do you see the pattern now? The earlier that you acquire a Micro Savings account, the more that you’ll be able to save moving forward, hence, why starting out early is the key. In Cebuana Lhuillier, for example, Filipino citizens as young as seven (7) years old are qualified to open an account, which can be considered as a “kids savings” or “junior savings” account. If you were not to touch any of that until your adult years, just imagine how much you could have already saved by then. And we haven’t even started on the interest rates as well. Remember, as you save up along the way, the interest rate adds to that, Cebuana Lhuiller’s Interest Rate Per Annum is 0.30%, with a minimum balance of Php 500 to initiate the earning of interest.

So imagine if you were to start early and use that saved amount into your adult years of business planning, at least you’d have enough to start up a venture, with little (to even non-existent) margin of error, as you already have the appropriate amounts.

3.)For those who are Preparing for Emergencies.

According to data gathered back in 2018, on average, the Philippines would experience up to 20 typhoons per year. The amount of damage to property and livelihood is both devastating and limitless, which is why everyone should have the mindset of preparation when it comes to tackling these expenses. If you are one of the many who would set aside money for future emergencies, then we would urge you to try out Micro Savings, as not only is it a far more manageable way of saving, it would also be easier to withdraw, just in case your property procures damage during the ordeal. Remember, those who are always prepared comes out of the ordeal with less amounts of scratches, meaning that the financial blow caused by storms and typhoons wouldn’t be too bad in the long run.

Preparations aside, Micro Savings has its various perks and advantages. The financial outcome would simply depend on the manner in which a group or individual utilizes those returns. Speaking of perks and advantages, Cebuana Lhuillier has something for their avid Micro Saving patrons. Introducing, the Cebuana Lhuillier Ka-Cebuana Iponaryo Contest! Joining the promo is simple as 1-2-3. For more details, they may visit or inquire through the nearest Cebuana Lhuillier branch.